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How can a user tell that a patient is ready to be discharged?

The Patient Status will change to Ready for Discharge

True or False: Discharges done in error can be undone.


Name two ways to access the chart of a discharged patient.

Via the My Reports button or via the Hospital Chart
Completion In Basket folder


SmartSets are designed to help clinicians work through a visit efficiently and

within your organization’s recommendations. SmartSets are a collection of items

relevant to a particular chief complaint and can contain orders, dispositions,

diagnoses, outpatient medication orders, even follow-up details and patient



Disposition can be found in the patients chart when discharging and also when you click on discharge from the trackboard


Before we send Kristi on her way, we need to print out her After Visit Summary.

This summary includes the patient’s diagnosis and medications to start and stop.

It also contains a place for the patient to sign indicating she has been told about

her medications and follow-up treatment. You can access this summary from the

AVS button on the toolbar.

Chart Search

Chart Search, available as of Epic 2014, is a powerful search engine that will save

navigation time when working in Hyperspace.

If you’re in a patient workspace and use it, it searches that patient’s chart.

If you’re not in a patient workspace, it searches whatever activity you

happen to be in.