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Piero della Francesca, The Flagellation of Christ, c. 1460, Italian Renaissance

Shen Zhou, Poet on a Mountaintop, handscroll, c. 1490-1500, Ming Dynasty China

Thomas Cole, paintings from The Course of Empire (The Savage State, The Arcadian or Pastoral State, The Consummation of Empire, Destruction, Desolation), 1833-1836

Bala Buddha, made in Mathura, 1st-2nd century AD, Kushana Dynasty, reign of Kanishka, South Asia

Buddha, made in Gandhara, 1st-3rd century AD, Kushana Dynasty, reign of Kanishka, South Asia

Sarnath Lion Capital, 3rd Century BC, Ashoka (patron), Maurya Dynasty, South Asia

Rampurva Bull Capital, 3rd Century BC, Ashoka (patron), Maurya Dynasty, South Asia

Achaemenid bull capital, 6th Century BC, Persia

Shiva nataraja and Shiva linga

Kandariya Mahadeo Temple Khajuraho, circa 1000-1025, Chandella dynasty, South Asia

Quwwat al-Islam Mosque, Delhi, 1193 (late 12th century), Delhi sultanate, South Asia (including the earlier iron pillar erected in the courtyard)

Griffin at the Pisa Cathedral in Italy, made in 11th-12th century in Islamic Spain, brought to Pisa in 12th century

Taian teahouse, attributed to Sen Rikyu, c. 1582, Momoyama Period, Japan

William Hodges, Ruins of Prince Shuja’s Palace at Rajmahal, 1781, made in South Asia and exhibited in London

William Hodges, View of the Ghats at Benares, 1787, made in South Asia and exhibited in London, diploma piece for the Royal Academy

Eugène Delacroix, Death of Sardanapalus, 1827-1828

Jean-Léon Gérôme, Snake Charmer, 1870

Jean-Léon Gérôme, Moorish Bath, early 1880s

Jean-Léon Gérôme, The Slave Market, early 1860s

Edouard Manet, Masked Ball at the Opera, 1873-1874

Mary Adelaide Walker, Illustration for Emilia Hornby’s Constantinople During the Crimean War, published 1863

Osman Hamdi Bey, Feraceli Kadinlar, 1887

Albrecht Durer (German), Crucifixion, 1511, engraving, from “Small Engraved “ series

Japanese ukiyo-e prints of erotic scenes, kabuki actors, and landscapes of national symbols such as Mt. Fuji

Maurice Vidal Portman, Burko. Profile View of the Same Women (Woman of the TaKeda tribe, age about 40 years), c. 1893 (ethnographic photography)

Narasinha, c. 1880s, Chitrashala Press, lithograph (print)

Mao Zedong propaganda poster, “Beloved Chairman Mao, we are loyal to you forever,” 1967

Marcel Duchamp, L.H.O.O.Q., 1919

Dong Yuan (930s-960s) OR Chang Dai-chien (1899-1983), Riverbank, Hanging scroll (silk), China

Engraving from Ferrante Imperato’s Dell'Historia Naturale, Naples, 1599, cabinet of curiosities

Robert Ker Porter, Taking of Seringapatam, 1800, Somerset House, panorama

Series of images from the India and machinery exhibits in Dickinson’s Comprehensive Pictures of the Great Exhibition of 1851 (published 1854)

Cartoon of Saartjie Baartman/Hottentot Venus (d. 1815)

P. Martini after H. Ramberg, The Royal Academy Exhibition, engraving, 1787

Images of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, est. 1870 and the British Museu, est. 1753

Parthenon, 447-438 BC, Athens, Greece