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- Paleolithic


- Mesopotamia



Figurines of Tell Asmar

- scale hierarchy

- social hierarchy

- Egyptian, Old Kingdom

Surdab Statues

- Egyptian, New Kingdom


- Minoan


- Minoan

Lion Gate

- Mycenians

Geometric style

- true classical= Greek

Kure Figures
- paint= encaustic

Kure Figures

- paint= encaustic

Blueprint Palace

- Doric order

White Ground Vessel

Attic Red Figure


- parthenos= virgin

- Athena's house

- Classical from golden age of Athens

- Deli League fell apart after Peloponnesian war (ended classical period)

- exterior= doric order

- correct defects of nature

- contrapasto

- classical

- classical

- legs as long as torso


- greeks invented tragedy

- Father of tragedy= Aeschylus

Missing arm Statues

- Late Classical

1. male looks more feminine

2. first time to see nude female


- Hellenistic

- Michael Angelo identified this work of art

Wet T-shirt look on boat

- Hellenistic

- Hellenistic



Altar of Zeus at Pergamon

- turning things upside down


- Roman

-augury: deterring the will of gods based off of natural instincts

- Roman ingenuity:

1. invented concrete and new brick

Roman Partician

- ancestor worship

- if you live long looking like crap, you lived well

Augustus/ Octavian

- Roman emperial

Ara Pacis

- gift to Olivia


- created by Adrienne

- largest concrete dome structure


- gladiators= Roman Virtue (Honor above life)

- Bottom to top:

1. doric

2. ionic

3. corinthian

Eye of Sofia

- Roman Empire/ Byzantine

- central church

- pendentive: 4 massive arches coming together at right angles, and concrete fills the triangles in between

Dome of Rock

- Islamic

- not a musk, but it is a monument

- conveying Islamic is third and last religion

1. Jewish

2. Christianity

3. Islamic

- 622= year 1

Ceiling monument

- early christian

- christ the good Shepherd (youthful)

- Do not see crucifixion for the first 6 centuries

- doctrine of original sin

- orant figures

- Barbarian

1. animal interrelates motif

Charlemeign on Horse

- christmas eve of 800= when he was crowned holy roman emperor

- first equestrian bronze since roman time

Palentine Chapel

- Influenced by byzantine church in San___?___

- created by Charlemeign

Stone monument

- gothic

- england adopted gothic style first

Mary with Jesus

- Famous artist Giatto

- queen of heaven= Mary

- Italy wanted to embrace humanity of sacred figures


Donatello David

- first life size bronze nude

- Renaissance

Equestrian Monument

- first life size, bronze equestrian monument since Roman time

Dome of Florence

- Brunellesci

- supports itself

Holy Trinity

- linear perspective

- life size

- first to apply 1 point perspective to large scale fresco

St. James Led

- multiple one point perspective

Birth of Venus

- Botticelli

La Primavera

- Botticelli works survived because he was not under reign of France

- representation of the three graces, and mercury bringing in the seasons

- three graces= coming of age

- church by Brunelleschi

- chapel designed for family


- simpler unity

- Raphael

- gave def to renaissance man

- wrote book modeled after Da vinci

-Raphael promoted this other worldly quality in his work, generic idealized beauty

-Raphael was also a great architect/painter, and active in saving antiquities. He became the head of antiquities in Rome and his dying wish was to be buried in the Roman Pantheon, to this day he is the only individual buried there.


St. Peter

- multi artists including angelo

comedy del rate

- #1 theatre

- improv

- women could act on stage

- artists= Bronzino

- mannerism

- non-natural

- mannerism art

- artist= Parmigianino

- council of trent did not advocate mannerist art

- northern renaissance

- invented oil paint

- Jon Van Eyck= artist

- all seeing eye of god

- northern renaissance

- artist= Bosch

- salvation is hopeless

- critical of the church

- Durer

1. tried to introduce Italian renaissance to North

2. introduced painting as sophisticated

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

- Durer = friends with Luther

- art was printed in newspapers

- morality plays were still around (hell mouth on bottom left corner)


-mastered genre of theatre