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Ci wara headdress pair, Bamana people, Mali, 20th c, Wood, H:35"

Komo mask, Bamana people, Mali, 19/20th c, mixed media(wood, animal fur, porcupine quills, animal horns, feathers, mirrors

Sowei mask, Mende people, Sierra Leone and Liberia, 20th century, wood, raffia, metal

Gonde mask, Mende people, Sierra Leone and Liberia, wood and hojo (white clay),

Qur’anic Writing Board, Sudan, late 19th e 20th c, Wood, pigment, string,

Men’s initiation graduation ceremony, Sotho people, Lesotho, 1980s

Seydou Keita (Mali), Untitled, photograph, 1956-7

Malick Sidibé (Mali), Couple of Dancers, 1963, photograph

MaXhosa by Laduma brand clothing
(Laduma Ngxokolo-designer), South Africa, 2012

Ibrahim el Salahi (Sudan), The Tree, 2000-2002, colored ink on board

Ghada Amer (Egypt), Red Diagonales, 2000. Acrylic, embroidery, and gel medium on canvas.

Great Mosque, Djenne, Mali, c. 14th c (rebuilt 1830s)

Protective amulet, by Alfa Sanneh, Sierra Leone, mid-20th c., ink on paper

Ruler wearing war shirt, Akan people, Ghana, 1976

Isicholo (Married woman’s headdress), Zulu people, South Africa, Grass, fiber, fat, ochre,

Asafo flag, Fante people, Ghana, post-1957, cotton applique

Posuban for Asafo Company, Fante people, outdoored Apr 9, 1971

Funerary head (Mma), Akan, Ghana, 17th c, clay

Adinkra cloth, Akan/Ashanti people, Ghana, collected in 1817, cotton and pigment

Owusu-Ankomah (Ghana), Prelude to the Microcron 6, 2010, acrylic

Half-completed Pelete bite cloth, Kalabari people, Nigeria, 20th c imported cotton cloth

Akó effigy carved by Mamah, Yoruba people, Nigeria, 1972

Bieris with relic boxes, Fang peoples, Cameroon and Gabon, c. 1913

Duein Fubara (Ancestor Memorial Screen), Kalabari people, Nigeria, 19thc, Wood, cloth, metal

Sphinx and Pyramid of Khafre, Giza, Egypt, c. 2500 BC.

Palette of Narmer, Egypt, c. 3100 BC, stone,

Scene from a Book of the Dead –the deceased and his wife worshipping Osiris, Egypt, 1300 BC, Pigment on papyrus

Opon Ifa (divination board), Yoruba culture, c. 1650, Wood

Bowl with figures, Olowe of Ise, Yoruba, Nigeria, c. 1925

Fox divination in process, Dogon people, Mali, 2008

Nkisi figure (dog), Kongo region, DRC, pre-1905, Wood, iron, other materials

Maternity figure, Yombe subgroup, Kongo culture, 19th c, wood, beads, glass, camwood powder