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1. The Aegean culture is ____ dominated rather than river-dominated as in Mesopotamia and Egypt.
the Aegean culture is sea-dominated rather than river-dominated as in Mesopotamia and Egypt.
2. Finish the sentence-
a) The Cycladic culture gets its name from _____________ which were inhabited by the ______ era sea-farers, traders, farmers and craftsmen.
b) The Minoan culture flourished during the _________.
c) The Helladic or Mycenaean culture belongs to ___________. Was markedly more ______ than their Minoan counterparts.
a. cycladic islands, neolithic
b. bronze age
c. mainland greece. militaristic
3. What medium was readily available on the Cyclades?
4. How did the Old Palace and New Palace periods end?
old- earthquake
new- mycenaean invasion
5. The "Minoan" culture was named after who?
after the legendary King Minos
6. What distinctive quality do Minoan columns posess?
swell wider at the top and taper towards the bottom
7. Define and describe fresco buon.
true fresco. technique the pigment is painted into freshly prepared wet plaster which chemically fuses with the pigment upon drying.
8. In the Aegean, color conventionally indicates what?
color conventionally indicates gender
9. What did Heinrich Schliemann set out to discover? Who wrote the Iliad ?
archaelogical remains ofTroy, Mycenae and Tiryns. Homer
10. The Mycenaean people built what on mainland Greece?
built heavily fortified citadel-palaces on mainland Greece
11. Define "Cyclopean masonry".
defensive walls some 20 feet thick
12. What is a megaron?
the king’s throne room
13. The city of Mycenae was home to Agamemnon; what decorated the space about the outer gateways?
Relief sculptures of lions
14. In a corbeled arch, a triangular space that was filled in with high relief carving is called what?
relieving triangle.
15. Describe the characteristics of a tholos tomb.
a beehive-shape and it was covered with mounds of earth
16. Define repousse.
: the metal is hammered or beaten out from the reverse side to achieve the relief
17. What possibly caused the Mycenaean culture to fall so abruptly?
possibly from internal unrest