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What is central focal point of Greek sculpture and painting?
Human figure
Italian word, used to describe the position where one leg is in the forward position.
Kouros and Kore sculptures?
Kouros meaning life sized nude young man and Kore meaning life sized clothed young girl.
The Mycenaean monuments reflect....
a protected and fortified enviroment. They were warriors instead of traders. Art was more realistic, using gold relief for masks and vaphio cups as well as the stone archway at lions gate.
Describe their art....
Minoan art is marked by....
graceful ease and delight in all forms of life. The richer of Ageans, art was expressive often using marine life as decoring pottery, scultures and frescoes.
Describe their styles....
What two cultures develop the Aegean region?
Minoans (crete) and Mycenaens (mainland Greece)
"Bull Dance" ?
Fresco from the palace of Knosses. 1500 BC
"the orders"
Greek architectual system based on defined styles of collums.