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Kiefer, Osiris and Isis. Neo-expressionism


Koons, Michael Jackson and Bubbles. Commodification

Cindy Sherman, untitled film still #7. "Pictures"

Chicago, Dinner party. Feminist

Beuys, coyote. Body

Kosuth, one and there chairs. Conceptual

Smithson, spiral jetty. Post minimal/ earth

Judd, untitled. Minimalism

Warhol, Marilyn. Pop

Brecht, solo for violin. Fluxus

Murakami, passage. Japan-Gutai

Rivera, man at the crossroads. Mexican muralists

Mondrian, composition with red blue and yellow. Neoplasticism

Magritte, the treachery of images. Surrealist dream images

Miro, harlequin's carnival. Surrealist automatism

Boccioni, dynamism of a soccer player. Futurism

Duchamp, the fountain. NY dada

Breuer, wassily chair. Bauhaus

Tatlin, monument to the third international. Constructivism

Malevich, black square. Russia

Picasso, still life with chair caning. Cubism

Kandinsky, improvisation #30 blue rider

Matisse, dance 1. Fauves