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baptisery of San Giovanni, Florence Italy; romanesque st. john. in city. space in between bp and church is paradise. Entered into christian community and became Italian citizen

Cathedral Complex (Piazza dei Miracoli), Pisa, Italy; Romanesque. Incrustation, covered in marble. Spoiler. Cruciform shape. Striped outside. Roof gold plated. miracle bc stole dirt from jerusalem

Chartres Cathedral, Chartres, France. Rayonnant Gothic. Known for flying buttresses. Higher. Important relic: santa camps marks cloth. Circulabulatory aisle starting at transept for pilgrims. Royal portal bc Kings and Queens of OT sculpted on door jambs

Chi Ro Iota, Book of Kells, Iona, Scotland; early medieval; tempera on vellum. 1st 3 letters of christi name. it says this is how birth of christ came about (1st sent. in mttw) NOT CARPET PAGE

Christ the Savior (Pantocrator), St. Catherines Mt. Sinai, Icon, Encaustic on wood, one eye looking at us, hand of forgiveness, other eye looking down at the law, artists corrupt face for humility. pantocrator- ruler of everything

Cross and Carpet page from Lindisfarne gospels, North Umbria, England, Early Medieval, tempera on vellum with Colophon-ISBN provenance: story of art from made until now

Equestrian Statue of Carolingian ruler (charles the bald) early medieval, bronze, looks roman imitating rome evangelized early charlemaigne take over and and unites tribes

hagia Sophia (Church of Holy Wisdom), Constantinople, Turkey. Byzantine. hired anthems and isiodorus mathematician and architect. Beautiful but fail with construction. collapsed 4 times. centrally planned. pseudo dionysius- light come from good and image of god. Covered with gold glass mosaic. Used pendentive system to hang from sky.

Justinian As Conqueror, Byzantine, Ivory. on horse wearing curries. horse over woman who represents earth. all encompassing ruler jesus above him

Man (mattw) from Book of Durrow, Iona, Scotland. Early Medieval; ink and tempera on parchment. Carpet page. apotropaic device wart off evil. symbols of evangelists. math-man mark-lion luke-ox john-eagle

Notre Dame, Paris, France, Gothic. Royals moved to paris. located in city on island surrounded by river. used flying buttresses don't block windows. other side springing of vault. also rose windows circular stain class for rosary

Page W Mattw from Lindisfarne Gospel. angel above man w/ funnel-god putting words there. Showed literacy by using greek and latin. still carpet page.

Purse Cover from Sutton Hoo Burial Ship, Suffolk, England. Early medieval. Cloisonné half stained class half metal. perfectly symmetrical. Falcon eating duck-heraldic images.

Saint-Entienne, Vignory, France. Romanesque. attract people biggest building with bell tower. Radiating chapels hold relics.

San Vitale, Ravenna, Italy. Byzantine. Centrally planned more complex structurally. 2 onset onto. Apse- half mon where altar goes. Exedra half moon space surrounding. Mosaics used tesserae with gold leaf to reflect ceiling. apse has christ in purple bc royal. Justinian rewrote christian code depicted holding basket of eurcharist w/ priests senators and guards/ shield chiro/ theodora on panel embodied forgiveness and protected poor, women

South Portal of St. Pierre, Moissac, France. Romanesque. door used for didactic-teach how to be good christian. only sculpture is architectural in romanesque. door jambs continue to archivolt. Tympanum- arch created. Last judgment scene. largest given mandorla-almond shaped space. surrounded by 4 evang. Lions bc eyes open when sleep

St. Mark's Cathedral, Venice, Italy. Byzantine. Centrally Planned, used pendentives. Modeled on Hagia Sophia. Body of St. mark stolen, lots of spoilia.

St. Chapelle, Paris, France. gothic. Not cathedral, Chapel. in ctyard so no flying buttresses. built by louis vii patron st. louis. purchased relic crown of thorns for 135 francs when building was 40. Mostly stain class. 2 levels. Reliquary holding thorns, building also reliquary. blue glass-$$ story of genesis to crucifixion. Flamboyant style flame like.

St. Maclou, Roven, France. Gothic. small church typical gothic on inside. outside clearly more decorative. deeply recessed doorway day and dynamic building. Flamboyant flamelike-spikey

St. Sernin, Toulouse, France; Romanesque. large tower w/ bell 9 relics. uniform design. stone roof. Circumambulatory side aisle. two aisles importance. crossing square. one unit of measure. used barrel fault ceiling and buttresses. springing-wall hits vault. pier column on steroids. compound pier- decorated. half columns. going vault-2 barrel vaults crossed.

St. Denis, Paris, France. Gothic. Nobility france here with church at center. royalty paid for but everyone else gets to use it. Gothic style begins here bc of Abbot Suger-monk confessor of king louis believed churches should be beautiful and majestic to make an experience

Sutton Hoo, Norfolk, England. Burial site of many ships. showed evangelization. Spoons

The crucifixion and the Iconoclasts. from Khludou psalter. Byzantine. tempera on vellum animal skin egg yolks binder. Roman soldiers poking and hurting jesus on cross parallels soldiers poking icons.

Animal Head from viking ship burial. Early Medieval, wood, oseberg, norway. territory of vikings someone from Viks. buried things in ships bc boatsmen.

St. Entienne, Caen, France. Romanesque. Built by william conqueror buried inside. Used sex partite groin vault. 2 barrel vaults. clerestory windows very highly elevated to let light in. bay one unit of measure. Naive central part.