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The modern age was launched by 3 revolutions:

1.) the Industrial Revolution

2.) the American Revolution

3.) the French Revolution

The term __________ refers to the emulation of classical Greek and Roman art.

Thomas Jefferson advocated the _________________ ___________ as an embodiment of the values of the new American republic where Roman civic virtues of courage and patriotism would be reborn.

neoclassical style

Romantic artists believed that __________and __________are more valuable than reason.

imagination and emotion

Delacroix’s brushstrokes in The Death of Saranapalusare loose and open, or ___________.


_____________are tradition-minded works that follow overused formulas laid down by an academy or school, especially the French Academy of the nineteenth century.

Academic art
Realism describes a style of art that depicts ordinary existence without ___________, __________or ____________.
idealism, exoticism or nostalgia.
___________ was one of the first to finish his paintings outdoors.
Henry Tanner’s works are _______ ________of African Americans.
dignified portrayals

Edouard Manet was the most important predecessor of _______________ in French art.

Impressionist artists sought to paint“__________” of what the eye actually sees rather than what the mind knows or interprets from a scene.


1.) In The Thinker, Rodin projected the universal artist/poet as ___________.


Seurat developed a method of painting called___________or ___________.

divisionism OR pointillism

Through the application of tiny dots of color,Seurat achieved a vibrant surface based on ________ __________ ________.

optical color mixture

Paul Gauguin desired to rejuvenate European art and civilization with insights from ______ ________ .

non-Western traditions

________-_______ artists work in an experimental or innovative way often opposing mainstream standards.


_________is a style of painting characterize by areas of bright, contrasting color and simplified shapes.

The name Les Fauves means "____ ______ ______."
“the wild beasts”

_____________is a term for art that emphasizes inner feeling and emotions over objective depiction.

The Two types of German Expressionism are _______ and _________.
The Bridge AND The Blue Rider

Cubists’ painters emphasized_________ ________ over personal expression.

pictorial composition

Artists used pieces of newspaper, sheet music, wallpaper and similar items in _______ ________.

Synthetic Cubism

The works of _________ ________ consisted mostly of abstraction based on nature.

Georgia O’Keeffe

Architects like ________ ________ _______ challenged traditional concepts of form and space.

Frank Lloyd Wright

___________ added a sense of speed, motion and a celebration of the machine to their art.


In Nude Descending a Staircase Marcel Duchamp was influenced by _________ _________.

stroboscopic photography

________ began in protest against the horrors of World War I.


Marcel Duchamp’s _________ were assembled from mass-produced objects.


______________ proclaimed the importance of the unconscious mind, dreams, fantasies and hallucinations.


Salvador Dali’s approach to his art has been called _______________ ____________.

Representational Surrealism

______________ began in Russia.


The Dutch movement called __________ employed nonrepresentational geometric elementsin a group style.

DeStijl (The Style)

Picasso painted __________ as a response to the brutal bombing by Hitler of his native Spain.


The ____________ adopted Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, even though her sources were closer to the folk artists of Mexico.


Edward Hopper’s Night Hawks portrays the _________ of much of American life.


The title of Grant Wood’s American Gothic comes from the style of the _________.


Jackson Pollock was the leading innovator of __________ _____________.

Abstract Expressionism

Most American architects at mid-century used the __________ style.


_________ ________ is a term for painting that consists of large areas of color with no obvious structure, central focus or dynamic balance.

Color Field

_____________ are a loose conglomeration of seemingly random objects.


Jasper Johns early paintings were based on ______ ________ _________.

common graphic forms

_______ _________ use real objects or mass-produced techniques in their art.

Pop artists

Andy Warhol’s most common subjects were ________ ________ such as Coca-Cola and Campbell’s soup.

consumer products

__________ art refers to nothing outside itself and tells no stories except for its own shapes and colors.


The artist Christo is a leader in the ____________ movement.


Artists today are left with ______ ______ ___ _______.

few rules to break.

Postmodernists thought that the unadorned functional purity of the _________ _______ made all buildings look the same.

International Style

The Postmodern style of Michael Graves uses _________ ___________ in knowing and humorous ways.

classical architecture

One of the first _______________ was Susan Rothenberg.


Although optimistic, Kerry Marshall’s ________ __________ __________ ___________ is not a merely optimistic scene.

Better Homes Better Gardens

Cindy Sherman’s __________ of the late 1970’s were among the first to be called postmodern.


_____-_____ ___________believe that if they limit their art to aesthetic matters, then their work will be only a distraction from pressing problems.

Issue-oriented artists

We form art and art forms us.

From first test.

Jacques-Louis David.

The Oath of the Horatii.


Oil on canvas.

Gustave Courbet. The Stone Breakers.

1849 (destroyed in 1945)

Oil on canvas.

Edouard Manet.

Le Déjeuner sur l'herbe (Luncheon on the Grass).


Oil on canvas.

Vincent van Gogh.

The Starry Night.


Oil on canvas.

Pablo Picasso.

Les Demoiselles d'Avignon(Young Ladies of Avignon).



Oil on canvas.

Marcel Duchamp.

Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2.


Oil on canvas.

Salvador Dalí.

The Persistence of Memory.


Oil on canvas.

Grant Wood.

American Gothic.


Oil on beaverboard.