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The first piece of armor is the

We know the purpose of the belt, but

what is the truth that is mentioned?

_______ __________
Jesus used a certain method in defeating the devil when He was tempted in the wilderness. We are to use the same method. What is it?
What does the truth make us?
What will lies do to us?
What is the opposite of truth?
If we are bound by satan’s lies, what will it produce in us?
a. happy hearts
b. fear
c. sin
d. righteousness
What does the word “quote” mean?
Bible tells us to be

How are we to be strong?
a. In ourselves
b. In the Lord
c. Take vitamins
d. Exercise with weights
How are we to be strong in the Lord? By putting on the ______________.
How many pieces of armor must we put on to defeat Satan and be victorious?
Who are we in battle against?
a. the boy next door
b. our parents
c. bad people
d. the devil and his demons
Why is Satan well equipped to do his dirty work?
What must we do to make the devil worried?
How often should we wear our armor?
a. Once a uear
b. Every day
c. When our parents tell us to
d. When we feel like it
What does the armor give you?
What happens to the weak, little, timid and frail after they put on the armor of God?
Satan says we are small and young. Is this true? _____
Satan says because we are small and young God cannot use us. Is that true?
When you are around a lot of children that are not Christians and you want to tell them about Jesus but you are the only Christian, what should you do?
What should we build our faith on?