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The principle purpose of architectural programming is to

A. identify the problem
B. gather information
C. establish project goals
D. solve the problem

A. identify the problem
Which of the following programmatic factors common to all buildings?

I circulation
II fenestration
III site access
IV structural system
V Effeciency ratio

A I and IV
If the program summary of spaces indicates that a project will exceed the proposed budget by about 10%, the architect should

A. request that the owners obtain additional funds
B. maintain the programmed spaces
C. maintain the programmed spaces, but reduce the unit building cost by 10%
D. review the program with the owner and revise it to meet the proposed budget
D. review the program with the owner and revise it to meet the proposed budget
In an office building, which of the following would be included in the calculations for net squarefootage?

A vesitbule and foyer
B mail room
C electrical closet
D elevator service room
B mail room
During the programming process, goals should be established

A after the facts are collected
B after the priorities are collected
C after the relationships are formulated?
D before the data is analyzed
D before the data is anaylzed

The final step in the programming process is to

A state the problem

B establish objectives

C establish priorities

D solve the problem


If the efficiency ratio for museums is normally 70%, and the net square footage for a new art museum is programmed to be 100K ft2 which of the following represents the gross square footage of the building?

A 70,000 FT2
B 130,000 FT2
C 142,857 FT2
D 170,000 FT2
C 142,857
In which of the following university departments would the greatest amount of space per student-station probably be required?

A architecture
B computer science
C music
D sociology
A architecture
Functional square foot areas can be determined approximately by considering a variety of criteria including

I number of people involved
II size of specific objects involved
III proposed project budget
IV established safety standards
V client arbitrary preferences
Which of the following would normally receive primary consideration during the programming phase

A form
B fashion
C function
D financing
C function
A projects physical form may be determined by all of the following except the

A mechanical system
B climate
C length of construction time
D area in which it is built
C length of construction time
Social interaction is LEAST encouraged by a building having

A quadrangle plan with major spaces opening onto a central court
B a multi-story arrangement with lobbies on each floor
C a radial plan
D an axial plan
B. a multi-story arrangement with lobbies on each floor
The most reliable way to determine an appropriate building form is to
A. use a traditional prototype
B use an innovative solution
C use a compact and efficient layout
D examine the programatic requirements
D examine the programatic requirements
The cost of a project is reduced by all of the following except

A harmonious proportions
B compact arrangements
C high densities
D regular forms
A harmonious proportions
In which of the following development patterns would utility services general be least expensive?

A Extended
B Decentralized
C Grid
D Linear
C Grid
Compact or centralized patterns of development are generally suited to

A mountainous sites
B beach front sites
C rural sites
D forested sites
A mountainous sites
In an area of extremely severe weather, the most appropriate organizational form would be

A axial
B decentralized
C linear
D compact
D compact
If one were planning a project for a future expansion, which organizational form would be LEAST desirable?

A radial
B grid
C axial
D ring
D ring
The principle objective of a building program is to

A. discover the building's function and purpose
B. define the essential building problem
C. determine the schematic buidling solution
D. decide on the prototypical building form
B.define the essential building problem
Which of the following criteria demands the hightest priority during the programming phase?

A. function
B. secturiy
C. structural factors
D. access and egress
A function
The success of a suburban shopping mall is most affected by

I the variety of store types
II the prevailing climate
III convenient access
IV adequate parking
V puplic transportation
The 36" wide doorway commonly used in many building types is generally established by

A code requirements
B traditional use
C building industry standards
D typical human dimensions
D typical human dimensions
Which of the following would have a relatively small influence on the architectural program for a new theatre?

A the type of performance for which it is used
B the maximum seating capacity
C the proposed cost of a an admission ticket
D the size and shape of the site
C the proposed cost of an admission ticket
Compared to a single-family detached residence, the normal activity spaces in a unit of a high rise apartment buidling are generally

A less flexible
B less spacious
C more compact
D quite similar
D quite similar
Separating residential functions into quiet and noisy zones generally implies that

A utility rooms will be in a quiet zone
B dining spaces will be in a quiet zone
C entry halls will be in a noisy zone
D bathrooms will be in a noisy zone
C entry halls will be in a noisy zone
Which of the following statements regarding the planning of multi-level apartments is generally FALSE?

A Elements common to all floors, such as refuse chutes, standpipes, and flues should be aligned vertically
B the increased density requires special planning in order to maintain privacy
C the larger apartments should be located closest to the elevators
D It is generally desirable to standardize units by using simple shapes.
C the larger apartments should be located closest to the elevators
90 degree parking is often preferred because it

I is easiest to use
II is easiest to lay out
III minimizes parking time
IV allows 2 way traffic
V uses space most efficiently
the principle priority in programming is to consider

A human dimensions
B spatial dimensions
C unit dimensions
D function dimensions
A human dimensions
The system of architectural measurement in use in the United States is generally related to

A the natural world
B the metaphysical world
C the primitive world
D the ancient European world
A the natural world
All of the following represent anthropomorphic design elements in classical architecure with the exception of
A architraves
B caryatids
C dentils
D pedestals
A architraves
the regular occurrence of elements is known as

A balance
B rhythm
C symmetry
D proportion
B rhythm
The golden section is based on

A the proportioning system devised by Pythagoras
B the modular system devised by Le Corbusier
C proportions described during the Golden Age of Greece
D proportions found in nature and the human form
Architectural scale refers to

A the absolute size of architecture
B the size of structure relative to human dimension
C the proportion of a structure's facade
D an abstract system of measure
B the size of structure relative to human dimensions
In which of the following statements about medieval towns is incorrect
A they were usually walled for defense
B they were often built on earlier Roman foundations
C they generally had a rectilinear layout
D their plans were often adjusted to meet particular conditions
C they generally had a rectilinear plan
During the early 19th century, Thomas Jefferson influenced territorial development throughout the country by proposing land divisions based on
A rectilinear patterns
B concentric patterns
C linear patterns
D organic patterns
A rectilinear patterns
Compared to conventional residential developments, cluster developments have
A greater density
B less open area
C units more densely sited
D lower development costs
C units more densely sited
In a sprawling metropolitan growth pattern, the edges of individual urban areas blend into each other to create a new form known as
A cluster
B megalopolis
C metropolis
D municipality
B megalopolis
Long term real estate investments are stabilized and property values are protected by means of

A residential developments
B local tax policies
C zoning ordinances
D local street patterns
C zoning ordinances
The pattern of a city that contains a number of commercial centers of equal size is known as
A multi- nuclei
B multi- use
C multi- core
D megalopolis
A multi nuclei
Older downtown shopping areas were replaced by the suburban shopping center largely because
A of the inability of cities to control the increase in crime
B high priority taxes forced retailers to abandon properties
C of the lack of accessibility by private auto as well as the decline in public transit service
D people prefer to drive to shopping areas
In planning residential communities population density is a major influence on
A traffic volumes
B the design of utility systems
C public services such as education , law enforcement and fire protection
D all of the above
A population density of 30 persons per acre
A is average in most American single family suburbs
B is typical in many European " new towns"
C results in overcrowded living conditions
D requires uneconomical layouts of utility distribution systems
Clarence Perry proposed that
A no major traffic through routes should pass through residential neighborhoods
B the population of a typical neighborhood should be around 50k
C the neighborhood focal point should be the regional shopping center
D the neighborhood should be designed for a density of roughly 30 families per acre.
Socialpetal space tends to
A discourage human contact
B promote human contact
C cause crowding
D cause pathologies
Social frugal tends to
A discourage human contact
B promote human contact
C cause crowding
D cause pathologies
A "use network" is

A one's normal route to work
B a system of places each person utilizes in his city or habitat
C a communication system
D a pattern of travel routes for all purposes
The ideal site for a residence is generally at
A the top of a hill
B the bottom of a hill
C halfway down the slope
D between two hills
mountains influence climate by
A forcing prevailing winds to rise
B creating shadow patterns
C reducing temperature extremes
D reducing relative humidity
A forcing prevailing winds to rise
Indigenous architecure often comprises
A structures oriented to the south
B courtyards facing north
C multiple openings facing north
D blank facades at the east and west
which of the following statements concerning ecology is NOT true?
A ecology deals with the relationship of natural, rather than man made things
B the organisms in an ecosystem are assumed to be in balance
C the science of ecology is a relatively new (100 years old)
D the size and scale of an ecosystem are theoretically unlimited
A ecology deals with the relationship between organisms and their environment whether they are natural or man made.
Human comfort is dependent on the effects of
I air temperature
II air movement
III relative humidity
IV longitude
V solar radiation
One decibel is
A the sound level of normal breathing
B the sound level considered comfortable by the average person
C the loweest intensity of sound that can be produced
D the smallest difference in sound intensity that can be perceived by the human ear
The wind velocities near a hill are generally greatest
A the windward side
B the top of the hill
C the downward slope
D the northern slope
Which of the following are climatic effects of trees?
I modification of air flow
II obstruction of solar radiation
III transpiration of water vapor into the air
IV reduction of wind chill factor
V filtration of air borne pollutants
Moderate climates with a few extremes of heat or cold are most likely found in areas

A with strong prevailing breezes
B with low relative humidity
C that are close to large bodies of water
D that are close to high mountain ranges
The principle purpose of site analysis is to determine if a site
A requires modification
B is suitable for a proposed use
C is capable of being developed
D has a unique character
highest and best use is directly related to
A land value
B land character
C standard of living
D population density
Fee simple ownership of land is
A ownership of land for 99 years
B ownership of land for a simple fee
C absolute ownership of land without condition
D absolute ownership of land by a government authority
Which form of real estate ownership exists for a limited period of time?
A leasehold
B fee simple
C fee absolute
D cooperative
select the incorrect statement regarding mortgages
A the security for a mortgage loan is real property
B mortgages are always provided by lending institutions
C second mortgages generally carry greater risk than first mortgages
D when a mortgage loan is repaid the mortgage is cancelled
An owner wishes to construct a building that will provide substantial tax benefits while avoiding a long-term capital investment. Under these circumstances, the owner would probably choose to
A maximize the mortgage
B arrange a scale-and-leaseback agreement
C arrange a leasehold ownership
D sell the trust deed to another party
All of the following may require condemnation proceedings, EXCEPT the acquisition of
A an access easement over one property to reach another
B a strip of land for road widening
C a permanent site for an elementary school
D a right - of -way for a rapid transit line
The total width of required exits in a building is determined by
A the degree of hazard of the building
B the flame-spread ratings of the building materials
C the number of occupants in the building
D the distance an occupant must travel to an exit
The purpose of fire-resistance requirements in the building code include which of the following
I to permit safe evacuation of the occupants
II to prevent fire damage to the building
III to reduce the generation of toxic smoke
IV to prevent structural failure for a specified period of time
Which of the following factors would NOT be regulated under the requirements of the OSHA?
A exterior air quality
B factory noise levels
C warehouse fire protection
D construction scaffolding
A building was constructed many years ago in compliance with the zoning ordinance in effect at that time. Since then, the zoning ordinance has been revised to be more restrictive. Therefore the building would now be considered as
A restricted
B conforming
C conditionally acceptable
D nonconforming
If a private developer wished to develop a cemetery in an area currently zoned for light manufacturing the developer should apply for a

A conditional use permit
B noncoforming use permit
C conditional easement
D variance
Which of the following are normally considered legal exits from a building
I hydraulic elevator
II reversible escalator
III smoke proof tower
IV revolving door
V open stairwell
Among the advantages of a performance type building code is that it
A is easy to interpret
B is simple to administer
C promotes more imaginative design
D results in lower construction costs