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House of German Art
Munich 1934-6 Troost - monumentality under hitler
Nuremburg , Speer 1934..Nazi architecture
Berlin, Speer 1938 berlin project plan
Heinkel Factory
Orinenburg, Herbert Rimpl 1936
Palazzo della Civitela Italiana EUR
Rome, Guerrini Padulla Romanno 1937-42
Casa del Fascio
Como Teraganni 1932-6
project place of the soviets
Moscow Corbusier1931, Iofan1934
Lincoln Memorial
Washington Henry Bacon 1911-22
Jefferson Memorial
1938-43 Pope
National gallery of Art
1936-41 Pope
East Liberty Prebestrian Church
Pittsburg, Cram 1938-1939
Hopi House, Hermit Rest, Phantom House
Grand Canyon Mary Colter 1905 1914 1922
San Simeon
LA Julia Morgan 1935-41
Singer Building
NYC Flagg 1905-1918
Woolworth Tower
Cass Gilbert 1917 NYC
Chrysler Building
William Van Alen 1928-30
Empire State Building
Lamb and Harmon 1931
Chicago Tribune Competition
Gropius, Loos, Hood 1922
project Dymaxion House
Fuller 1927
List Art Center
Providence Philip Johnson 1964-71
Science Library
Warner Burns Toan and Lunde 1971
Imperial Hotel
Tokyo 1912-23 Wright
Ennis House
LA 1923 WRight
Bear Run
aka falling water Wright 1934-7 Bear Run Pennsylvania
Johnson Wax Company
1936-9 Racine Wright
Taliesen West
Arizona desert 1937-8
Sunnyside Gardens
NYC queens Stein, Henry Wright 1924
maryland Tugwell 1935
Williamsburg Housing project
Brooklyn NY William Lescaze 1934
Lovell House
LA 1927-1929 Neutra
FIshers Island Brown House
Neutra 1936-39
Norris Dam
TVA 1933-36
National Cathedral
Bodley Vaughan, Frohman, Princeton Graduate School
Lake Shore Drive Apartments
Chicago , Mies, 1948-51
Mies 1942
Farnsworth House
1945-1951, Mies, Chicago
Seagram Building
1954-8 NYC MIES
Glass House
New Canaan CT, 1949-50 philip Johnson
Lever House
Skidmore Owings Merrill 1951-50, NY
UN building
harrison abramovitz 1947-50