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hablar por teléfono
to speak on the phone
le gusta
he or she likes...
Present tense
pasar el rato con amigos
to hang out with friends
montar en bicicleta
to ride a bike
tocar la guitarra
to play the guitar
te gustaría
you would like...
Would you like...?
Conditional tense
bailar el tango
to dance the tango
me gusta
I like...
Present tense
mirar la televisión
to watch television
me gustaría
I would like...
Conditional tense
cuidar a tu hermano
to take care of your brother
te gusta
you like...
Present tense
estudiar la tarea
to study the homework
le gustaría
he or she would like...
Would he or she like...?
Conditional tense
escuchar música
To listen to music
sacar la basura
to take out the trash