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Christopher columbus

Italian born explorer who thought he had arrived off the coast of Asia rather than on unknown continents.

Anglo-Powhatan wars

Native American conflict between the tribe in James river region of Virginia and Jamestown colonists.

Bacons rebellion

Poor former indentured servants and frontiersmen led rampage against native Americans and the colonial governmnet


Tried in a case that established the precedent that true statements about public officials could not be prosecuted as libel: protection of 1st amendment rights.

Hernan Cortez

Defeated montezuma and destroyed the Aztec empire, with the help of small pox.

John Calvin

Preached that God is all-knowing in the idea of predestination

Ferdinand magellan

Started out from Spain in 1519, was killed in the Philippines, but his crew returned to complete the first circumnavigation of the globe.

George washington

Military aid of British General Braddock and defender of the frontier after Braddock's defeat in the French and Indian war.

John Winthrop

Promoter of Massachusetts Bay as a holy "city on a hill".

Jonathon edwards

New England theologian who instigated the Great Awakening.

John smith

27-year old organizer of Jamestown who led raids against the native Americans in the region.

William Penn

Quaker who founded the most tolerant and democratic of the middle colonies.

Sir Walter Raleigh

He founded the colony of Roanoke, although it disappeared in the 1580s.

Protestant reformation

Sixteenth century religious reform movement started by Martin Luther.

Salem witch Trials

Late 17th century event that inflamed popular feelings, led to 20 deaths, and weakened the Puritan clergy's prestige.

Fort Duquesne

Strategic French post in the Ohio Valley

Triangle Trade

Resulted in the exchange of slaves, sugar and rum between New England, the West Indies, and Africa.


Site where the Virginia company settlers planted the first permanent English colony in 1607

Head wright system

Granted 50 acres of land to farmers and landowners who paid for the passage of indentured servants.

Glorious Revolution

English revolt that inspired the overthrow of the dominion of New England in America.

St. Augustine

Founded in 1565, the oldest inhabited European settlement in US territory

Mayflower compact

1620 shipboard agreement by pilgrims to establish a political body of self- government.