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Corrupt Bargain
1825 Clay supported John Q Adams in House presidential vote in return for office of Sec of State
Tariff of Abominations
(Tariff of 1828)raised tariff on imported manufactured goods. protected North but harmed South
Election of 1824
popular vote, electoral vote, house vote: Jackson, Adams, Crawford, Clay
Kitchen Cabinet
small group of Jackson's friends & advisors - were influential in 1st years of his presidency
South Carolina Exposition and protest - reaction to tariff of 1832
VP Calhoun published essay South Carolina Exposition -proposed each state has right to nullify an unconstitutional act of Congress
Worchester v. Georgia
1832 -Sup Crt decided Georgia had no jurisdiction over Cherokee reservations - jackson opposed this ruling
Cherokee Nation v. Georgia
1831 - Indians weren't independent nations but dependent domestic nations which could be regulated by the fed gov.
were conservatives & popular with pro-Bank people and plantation owners (Henry Clay, Daniel Webster)
Force Bill
authorized Prez Jackson to use army & navy to collect duties on the Tariffs of 1828 and 1832
Compromise Tariff of 1833
by Henry clay-gradually reduced the rates levied under the Tariffs of 1828 and 1832
Caucus System
were elected by small, secretive party groups & the public had little say in the process (king caucus)
Trail of tears
Cherokee tribe evicted from homes and forced to march on trail to Oklahoma Indian country
Nicholas Biddle
a second bank was established in 1816 & he became the bank's prez
Specie Circular
by Jackson 1836 requiring purchase of public lands w/ hard $ - panic of 1837 followed
Martin Van Buren
Democ-Repub Senator rallied factory workers of North in support of Jackson. became Jackson's VP after Calhoun resigned
Henry Clay
"the american system"high tarrif on imports to finance extensive internal improvement package
Commonwealth v. Hunt
1842 recognized that the conspiracy law is inapplicable to unions &that strikes for a closed shop are legal
pet banks
jackson removed gov's deposits fr biddle's vaults and distributed them to various state and local banks
Joseph Smith
Founded Mormonism in New York in 1830-announcement that God sanctioned polygamy split the Mormons
Brigham Young
1847 led Mormons to the Great Salt Lake Valley in Utah, where they founded the Mormon republic of Deseret
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
pioneer in women's suffrage movement, organized 1st women's rights convention in Seneca Falls, NY 1848
American Temperance Union
flagship of the temperance movement in the 1800's. Opposed alcohol
Dorothea Dix
reformer and pioneer in movement to treat the insane as mentally ill, beginning in the 1820's
Lucretia Mott
early feminist,for liberal causes, particularly slavery abolition and women's suffrage-helped 1st covention
Seneca Falls
July, 1848 - Site of the first modern women's right convention. Declaration of Sentiment listing discriminations against women
Cyrus McCormick
mechanical reaper in 1831, and made farming more efficient
John J. Audubon
"birds of America"
Sojourner Truth
one of the best-known abolitionists of her day. was first black woman orator to speak out against slavery
Frederick Douglass
self-educated slave-escaped 1838, became best-known abolitionist speaker. edited anti-slav. weekly, North Star
Denmark Vesey
mulatto who inspired group of slaves to seize Charleston 1822, but one betrayed him & he &followers hanged before the revolt
Nat Turner
1831 slave uprising in Virginia-result=slave states strengthened measures against slaves
William Lloyd Garrison
A militant abolitionist, he came editor of the Boston publication, The Liberator, in 1831
Elijah Lovejoy
abolitionist & editor. press he used was attacked four times & he was killed defending it.
Gabriel Prosser
planned slave revolt in Virginia-organized 1000 slaves but roads = flooded & they were caught & hanged
John C. Calhoun
resigned as Jackson's vp, SC senator-said North shuld grant South's demands & keep quiet about slavery to keep peace. spokesman for South & states' rights.
John C. Fremont
Civil governor of California, led the Army exploration to help general Kearny in Mex. amer war
Aroostook War
Maine lumberjacks camped along Aroostook River in Maine 1839-tried to oust Canadian rivals. Militia called in from both sides until Webster Ashburn - Treaty was signed
Manifest Destiny
Phrase commonly used in 1840's-1850's. expressed inevitableness of continued expansion of the U.S.
Election of 1844
James K. Polk - Democrat. (winner) Henry Clay - Whig. James G. Birney - Liberty Party.
Election 1844: Liberty Party
The first abolitionist party - believed in ending slavery.
James K. Polk
President known for promoting Manifest Destiny.
Slidell mission
1845, John Slidell went to Mexico to pay for disputed Texas and California land. But the Mexican government refused
Rio Grande, Nueces River
Texas claimed s. border =Rio Grande; Mexico wanted border at Nueces River- US & Mex agreed not to send troops into disputed territory but polk later did
Carolina and Creole Incidents
Carolina=US ship Canada burned & Creole=ship where slaves mutinied&killed crewman who the British let free - angered US
Oregon Treaty 1812
territory comprised what arenow the states of Oregon and Washington-treaty made joint occupation w/ brit&US
Wilmot Proviso
David Wilmot proposed to outlaw slavery from the territory acquired from Mex.
Nicholas Trist
Sent as a special envoy by Polk to Mexico City in 1847 to negotiate end to Mex War-treatyofguadalupe hidalgo
Spot Resolutions
Congressman Abraham Lincoln supported proposition to find exact spot where Amer troops were fired upon
Hinton R. Helper
"The Impending Crisis in the south" - slavery is actually economically harmful to the south
Stephen A. Douglas
moderate, who introduced the Kansas-Nebraska Act in 1854 and popularized the idea of popular sovereignty.
36-30 line
According to Missouri Compromise (1820), slavery= forbidden in Louisiana terr. north of 36º30 N latitude. was nullified by Kansas-Nebraska Act.
Election of 1856
Demo-James Buchanan (won). Repub - John Fremont. Know- Nothing Party & Whig - Millard Fillmore. 1st election Repub Party. Know- Nothings opposed immigration and Catholic influence
"Bleeding Kansas"
Following passage of Kansas-Nebraska Act, pro-slavery forces fr Missouri Border Ruffians, crossed into Kansas & terrorized murdered antislavery settlers
Pottawatomie Massacre
John Brown let a part of six in Kansas that killed 5 pro-slavery men
New England Emigrant Aid Company
Promoted anti-slavery migration to Kansas
John Brown
seized arsenal at Harper's Ferry. planned to end slavery by massacring slave owners & freeing slaves. was captured & executed.
Dred Scott Decision
Sup Crt decided Dred Scott couldn't sue in fed court because he was property, not a citizen
Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1858
argued important issues like pop sovereignty, Lecompton Constitution & Dred Scott-Douglas won but Lincoln=gained esteem
Freeport Doctrine
Stephen Douglas said Congress couldn't force a territory to become a slave state against its will
Election of 1860
Repub - Abraham Lincoln (won) Democ - Stephan A. Douglas, John C. Breckenridge. Constitutional Union - John Bell
Republican Party
free soil principles, a protective tariff. Supporters: anti-slavers, business, agriculture.
Crittenden Compromise
by john j. crittenden-would prohibit fed. medlling w/ slavery in existing states, extension of 36-30&protection of slave states
Border states
Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky and Missouri. were slave states, but did not secede.
Franklin Pierce
dark horse democ candidate winner of election of 1852- ostend manifesto&gadsend purchase
Free soil party
sough to keep new western territories free from slavery
Ostend Manifesto
Pierce wanted to seize Cuba from Spain
Gadsend purchase
Pierce purchased strip of land at tip of New Mex. - provide route for trans-continental rr
Zachary Tyalor
whig president of 1848 - during CA's gold rush & Texas issue
Compromise 1850
Henry Clay - CA wuld be admitted as free state & Texas wuld be open to pop sovereignty + tougher fugitive slave law
Kansas Nebraska Act
1854 by Stephen A Douglous-repeal Missouri Compromise & leave Kansas & Nebraska open for pop. sovereignty