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asi que (acc. i)
so, therefore
con relacion a (acc. o)
in relation to
con respecto a
with respect to
conviene indicar/senalar (~n)
it is suitable to indicate/point out
de ese modo
in that way, so
de modo/manera que
so (that)
en cuanto a
hablando de
speaking of, in reference to
no... sino (que)
not...but rather
por lo comun (acc. u)
as a rule, usually
por lo general
por otro lado
on the other hand
por un lado
on the one hand
tambien (acc. e) viene al caso
it is also to the point
a mi parecer
in my opinion
ademas (acc. 2nd a)
furthermore, in addition
de hecho
in fact, as a matter of fact
en otras palabras
in other words
en realidad
actually, in fact
es decir
that is to say, in other words
hay que tomar en cuenta que
one must realize that
lo importante es que
what is important is that
lo que importa es que
what matters is that
o sea
that is to say, in other words
sin duda
without a doubt
sobre todo
above all
para ilustrar
to illustrate
por ejemplo
for example
a causa de
on account of
a fin de cuentas
in the end, after all
al fin
finally, at last, in the end
al fin y al cabo
in the end, after all (is said and done)
al parecer
apparently, seemingly
como consecuencia
as a consequence
como resultado
as a result
de todos modos
at any rate, anyhow
debido a
owing to, because of
en conclusion (acc. o)
in conclusion
en definitiva
in conclusion, finally
en fin
finally, in short
en resumen
in summary
en resumidas cuentas
in short
en todo caso
in any case
para concluir
to conclude
para resumir
to summarize
para terminar
to end
because of
por consiguiente
por ese motivo
for that reason
por fin
finally, at last
por lo mismo
for the same reason
por lo tanto
therefore, consequently
puesto que
since, inasmuch as, seeing that
ya que
since, seeing that