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1500 B.C.E

Arryains take over Indus River Valley

476 B.C.E

Collapse of Roman empire

323 B.C.E

Death of Alexander the great

1054 C.E

Split of Christian church

622 C.E

Rise of islam

1096 C.E


1453 C.E

Collapse of the Byzantine Empire

1492 C.E

Columbus in America and the last Islamic Stronghold eliminated in Spain

1494 C.E

Treaty of Tordesillas

1750 C.E

Industrialization and Second Agricultural revolution

1776 C.E

U.S Independence

1789 C.E

French Revolution

1807 C.E

Banning of Slave Trade --British Empire

1815 C.E

Congress of Vienna

1865 C.E

End of Civil War in U.S and 13 amendment- end of slavery

1600 C.E

Height of Ottoman, Safavid, and Mughal Empires

1885 C.E

Berlin Conference- Imperialism in Africa

1899 C.E

Spanish-American War Ends

1914-1918 C.E

World War I

1917 C.E

Russian Revolution

1923 C.E

End of Ottoman Empire

1929-1945 C.E

Great Depression

1939-1945 C.E

World War II

1888 C.E

Abolishment of slavery in Brazil

1945 C.E

Dropping of Atomic Bombs

1945-1990 C.E

Cold War