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Sir Francis Drake
English "sea dog"; ventures financed in part by Queen Elizabeth; heavy profits from Spanish ships
Roanoke colony
Sir W. Raleigh; attempted English colony in North Carolina; landed in 1585; mysteriously vanished
Virginia Company
originally the London Company; received charter from England; guaranteed equal rights; three ships sailed but were attacked by Indians; where they stopped became Jamestown (first permanent settlement)
John Rolfe
married to Pocahontas; sealed peace settlement that ended the first Anglo-Powhatan War; father of tobacco
King Nicotine
tobacco; saved Virginia's economy; ruined soil
House of Burgesses
assembly supported by the London Company; first representative self government
Lord Baltimore
founded Maryland; Catholic; wanted profit and refuge for Catholics
Act of Toleration
1649; tolerated all Christianity; punished those who denied the divinity of Jesus; protected Catholics
Barbados Slave Code
1661; denied rights to slaves; gave masters complete control
formally created in 1670; prospered through economic ties; most northerly; used the Barbados Slave system; rice
Charles Town
busiest seaport in the South; aristocratic; diverse; practiced religious toleration
Georgia colony
"The Charity Colony"; formally founded in 1733; intended to act as a buffer; vital link in imperial defense; silk and wine; haven for debtors; intended to keep slavery out
James Oglethorpe
founder of Georgia; interested in prison reform; military leader who repelled Spanish attacks; saved Georgia