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Listening to your favorite radio station involves which area of physics?

Vibrations and wave phenomena

A baker makes a loaf of bread. Identify the area of physics that involves this.


A hiker uses a compass to navigate through the woods. Which area of physics is this?


The symbols for units of length in order from smallest to largest are...

mm, cm, m, and km

If some measurements agree closely with each other but differ widely from the actual value, these measurements are...

Precises but not accurate

5 darts strike near the center of a target. The dart thrower is...

both precise and accurate

The creek letter Delta (triangle) indicates a(n)...

Difference or change

The Greek letter sigma (E-looking) indicates a(n)...

Sum or total

What are the basic SI units?

Meters, kilograms, seconds

What is the speed of an object at rest?

0.0 m/s

A dolphin swims 1.85 km/hr. How far has the dolphin traveled after 0.60hr?

1.1 km

Acceleration is...

the rate of change of velocity

When velocity is positive and acceleration is negative, what happens to the object's motion?

The object slows down

A shopping cart given an initial velocity of 2.0m/s undergoes a constant acceleration of 3.0m/s2. What is the magnitude of the cart's displacement after the first 4.0s of its motion?

32 m

A marble accelerates from rest at a constant rate and trails for a total displacement of 44m in 20.0s. What is the average velocity of the marble?

2.2 m/s

Which of the following is a value for the acceleration of objects in free-fall?

-9.81 m/s2

Acceleration due to gravity is also called...

free-fall acceleration

Which would hit the ground first if dropped from the same height in a vacuum, a feather or a metal bolt?

They would hit the ground at the same time.

Which of the following is a physical quantity that has both magnitude and direction?


Identify the following qualities as a scalar or a vector: The speed of a snail, the time it takes to run mile, the free-fall acceleration.

Scalar, scalar, vector

Which is the following is an example of a vector quantity?


Multiplying or dividing vectors by scalars results in...


Which of the following is the best coordinate system to analyze an object thrown into the air?

x-axis: parallel to the ground; y-axis: perpendicular to the ground

Which of the following is the motion of objects moving in two dimensions under the influence of gravity?

projectile motion

What is the path of a projectile?

A parabola

A passenger on a bus moving east sees a man standing on a curb. From the passenger's perspective, the man appears to...

move west at a speed that is equal to the bus's speed

A piece of chalk is dropped by a teacher walking at a speed of 1.5m/s. From the teacher's perspective, the chalk appears to fall...

straight down and backward

Which of the following is the cause of an acceleration or a change in an object's motion?


Which of the following forces is an example of a contact force?

Frictional force

Which of the following forces is an example of a field force?

Gravitational force

In the free-body diagram of the car shown above, which of the following is the Gravitational force acting on the car?

(Downwards arrow) 14,700 N

In the free-body diagram of the car shown above, the 5,800N force (West arrow) represents...

the backwards force the road exerts on the car

A free-body diagram of a ball in free-fall in the presence of air resistance would show...

A downward arrow to represent the force of gravity and an upward arrow to represent the force of air resistance.

Which of the following is the tendency of an object to maintain its state of motion?


If a nonzero net force is acting on an object, then the object is definitely...

being accelerated

According to Newton's second law, when the same force is applied to two objects of different masses...

The object with greater mass with experience a smaller acceleration and the object with less mass will experience a greater acclereation.

A hockey stick hits a puck on the ice. Identify an action-reaction pair, and compare the forces exerted by each object.

The stick exerts a force on the puck; the puck exerts a force on the stick.

The statement by Newton that for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction is which of his laws of motion?


Which are simulatnious equal but opposite forces resulting from the interaction of two objects?

Action-reaction pairs

The magnitude of the force of gravity acting on an object is...


A change in the force of gravity acting on an object will affect the object's...


What is the common formula for work?


Work is done when...

the displacement is NOT zero

The more powerful the motor is...

the shorter time interval it takes to do work.

A worker pushes a wheelbarrow with a horizontal force of 50.0N over a level distance of 5.0m. If a frictional force of 43N acts on a wheelbarrow in a direction opposite to that of the worker, what net work is done on the wheelbarrow?

35 J

A child moving at a constant velocity carries a 2N ice-cream cone 1m across a level surface. What is the net work done on the ice-cream cone?

0 J

A horizontal force of 200N is applied to move a 55kg TV set across a 10m level surface. What is the work done by the 200N force on the TV set?

2000 J

Which of the following energy forms is the sum of kinetic energy and all forms of potential energy?

mechanical energy

Which of the following energy forms is involved in winding a pocket watch?

elastic potential energy

What is the kinetic energy of a 0.135kg baseball thrown at 40.0m/s?

108 J

The main difference between kinetic energy and potential energy is...

Kinetic energy involves motion and potential energy involves position

Which of the following energy forms is associated with an object due to its relative position to Earth?

Gravitational Potential energy.

Which form of energy is involved in weighing fruit on a spring scale?

elastic potential energy

Which of the following are examples of conservable quantities?

mechanical energy and mass

Which of the following is the rate at which energy is transferred?


Which of the following equations is NOT an equation for power?


Which of the following has the greatest momentum?

A car with a mass of 1210kg moving at a velocity of 51m/s.

Which of the following has the greatest momentum? (pt.2)

A tortoise with a mass of 270kg moving at a velocity of 0.5m/s.

What velocity must a 1340kg car have in order to have the same momentum as a 2680kg truck traveling at a velocity of 15m/s to the west?

3.0x10^1 m/s to the west.

When comparing the momentum of two moving objects, which of the following is correct?

The less massive object will have less momentum if the velocities are the same.

A baseball is pitched very fast. Another baseball of equal mass is pitched very slowly. Which of the following statements is correct?

The fast-moving baseball is harder to stop because it has more momentum.

An ice skater initially skating at a velocity of 3m/s speeds up to a velocity of 5m/s. The momentum of the skater...


If a force is exerted on an object, which statement is true?

A small force applied over a long period of time can produce a large change in the object's momentum.

The change in an object's momentum is equal to...

the product of the force applied to the object and the time interval

Which of the following situations is an example of a visible change in momentum?

A baseball is hit by a bat.

A 6.0x10^-2kg tennisball moves at a velocity of 12m/s. The bat is struck by a racket, causing it ti rebound in the opposite direction at speed of 18m/s. What is the change in the ball's momentum?

-1.8 kg(m/s)

The impulse experienced by a body is equivalent to the body's change in...


A large moving ball collides with a small stationary ball. The momentum...

of the large ball decreases and the momentum of the small ball increases.

A soccer ball collides with another soccer ball at rest. The total momentum of the balls...

remains constant.

The Low of Conservation of Momentum states that...

The total momentum of all objects interacting with one another remains constant regardless of the nature of the forces between the objects.

An astronaut with a mass of 70.okg is outside a space capsule when the tether line breaks. To return to the capsule, the astronaut throws a 2.0kg wrench away from the capsule at a speed of 14m/s. At what speed does the astronaut move toward the capsule?

0.4 m/s

After colliding, objects are deformed and lose some kinetic energy. What type of collision?


Two billiard balls collide. What type of collision?


Two balls of dough collide and stick together. What type of collision?

Perfectly inelastic

An ostrich with a mass of 146kg is running to the left with a velocity of 17m/s. What is its momentum?

-2500 kg(m/s)