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Can ants comunicate with the antennas?
Yes, the ants the ants comunicate with the antennas.
Do the ants have mouth?
Yes,the ants have a mouth with the mouth they carry food.
Can the ants soberbive to the water?
Some times because the ants he need to bread two.
Do the ants have a thorax?
Yes, the ants have a thorax.
Who puts the eggs the small ants or the queen?
The queen puts the eggs because she is the biggest ant.
Can the ants have scuares in the eyes?
Yes, the ant have thats scuares in the eyes for see.
Can ants carry their weight 50 times?
Yes, they can because he are strong.
How do the ants usees it's stinger?
The ants use that stinger to drag a scent and let the other ants know where food is.