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What is Level I AT training?
Awareness Training.
Provided to all DOD personnel/civilians/contractors, and family members +14 years old.
What is Level II AT training?
Designed to provide training for officers, noncommissioned
officers and civilian staff personnel who are designated to serve as antiterrorism advisors to the commander.
What is the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA)?
An agreement that defines the legal position of a visiting military force deployed in the territory of a friendly state.
What is NWP applicable to?
All U.S. Navy afloat, aviation and shore commands, within U.S. or foreign territory
and in transit. It is also applicable to U.S. Coast Guard units while operating under Navy operational control.
What Directive sets the requirement for Navy-wide AFTP programs?
DOD Directive 2000.12 (series).
What is terrorism?
The calculated use of unlawful violence or threat of unlawful violence to inculcate fear; intended to
coerce or to intimidate governments or societies in the pursuit of goals that are generally political, religious or ideological.
What FPCON applies in the immediate area where a terrorist attack has occurred, or when intelligence is received that terrorist action against a specific location or person is imminent, and is also declared as a localized condition, and not intended to be sustained for substantial periods?
What FPCON applies when an increased or more predictable threat of terrorist activity exists?
What is FAST?
Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team
What are offensive measures taken to prevent, deter, and respond to terrorism?
Counterterrorism (CT)
What are defensive measures used to reduce the vulnerabiity of indviduals and property to terrorist acts?
Antiterrorism (AT)
What is a desginated point close to an incident where crisis managment forces will rendezvous and establish control capability before intiating a tactical reaction?
Incident Control Point (ICP)
Who is directly responsible to the CO for all matters dealings with antiterrorism and force protection?
AntiTerrorism Officer (ATO)
Previously known as Force Protection officer (FPO)
What are the three internal risk assessment tools?
1) ORM
2) CV Assessments
3) Planning and Response Elements Assessments
What consists of those measures taken to identify, acquire and plan the use of needed resources to resolve the effects of a terrorist act?
Crisis Management