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What is Archaeology?
Studying way of life that no longer exists.
-pre-historic pasts of social systems that no longer exist and have no record.
-goal is to have an understanding of a patterned way of life.
What is enculturation?
The process of acquiring of your own native culture.
What is Physical Anthropology?
Deals with Homosapiens as a physical entity-development of sapiens.
-looks at fossils.
-concerned with primates-great apes.
-understanding of learning behaviors of primates as well as physical development of them.
What is ethnography?
The study of a culture-the end result.
What is Holism?
All encompassing, all at once study of a culture.
What are the four sub-divisions of Anthropology?
1. Cultural Anthropology.
2. Physical Anthropology.
3. Archaeology.
4. Linguistics.
What do Anthropologists look for?
Large Scale Patterns-Repetition.
What is Cultural Anthropology?
The complete pattern of life.
-communities, human behavior-patterned.
-the daily life as transacted and ideal life that is theorized by the people of the community.
-want to see an entire community all at once.
-can tell how life is lived in a certain community.
What is Ethos?
The sense of what it feels like to live in a world.
What is American Anthropology?
It is holistic-broad, all encompassing, and all at once.