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The notion that some countries are poor because they have small industrial plants and do you lines of communication and that they should pursue both by acquiring these and other things

Gross national income (GNI)

The total value of all goods and services produced in a country

Models for development

1. Modernization theory

2. Human needs approaches

3. Structural adjustment

Modernization theory

A model development that predicts that nonindustrial societies will move in the social and technological direction of industrialized nations

World Bank

And agency of the United Nations, officially called the international Bank for Reconstruction and development, that provide loans to promote international trade and economic development, especially to poor nations

Human needs approaches

Projects aimed at providing access to clean water, education, healthcare for the poorest of the world's people

Structural adjustment

A development policy promoted by Western nations, particularly the United States, that requires poor nations to pursue free market the reforms in order to get new loans for the international monetary fund and world bank


Political and economic policies that promote free trade, individual initiative, and minimal government regulation of the economy, and a oppose state control or subsidy to industries and all but minimal aid to impoverished individuals

Multinational corporations

A corporation that owns business enterprises or plants in more than one nation.

What do migration connections bring?

Money, idea, information, and products

Who do multinational corporation's contribute wealth with?

Try to contribute well to their shareholders, most of whom live in the wealthiest nations

Where do multinational corporation's move to?

They moved to Lisa expensive places to produce goods and most profitable places to sell them depend on cheap labor provided by women and children


Generally a pejorative term for a factory with working conditions that may include low wages, long hours, in adequate ventilation, and physical, and mental, or sexual abuse

What is the urban population going to be like by 2050?

The urban population will be about six .4 billion this is equal to the world's total population in 2004

Do urbanization change immigrants?

It changes both the immigrants themselves in the community they leave behind urban life can be extremely difficult

Urban migration

Percentage of people living in cities is rising more rapidly in poor than in wealthy nations

What are some challenges today?

Environmental challenges, political stability, and migration

What are environmental challenges?

Pollution and global warming

Do you migrations provide?

Their communities of origin with connections to the rest of the world, creating a broad network of support