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Europeans in the 1400s

1. Devised ocean going vessels

What were the Europeans in the 1400s master of?

Of Cathedral and castle construction

What did the Europeans in the 1400 experience much of?

War, play, economic depression

What motivated the European expansion?

1. Christianize the world

2. Find a wide variety of wonders, both real and imagined

3. A mass great wealth

Monocultural plantation

And are good cultural plantation specializing in the large-scale production of a single crop to be sold on the market

Joint stock company

Affirm that is managed by centralized board of directors but owned by shareholders


Europeans used violence to take money and goods or raw materials. Minds were placed under European control

Forced labor

In the 15th century Europeans practice delivery on this larger scale than any people before them

Did your non-European export? ( forced labor)

Exported over 7 million slaves to the Islamic world between 650 and 1600

How many slaves were exported to America by the end of the 19th century?

11 million slaves


A condition of hereditary bondage in which the use of land is granted in return for payment, homage, and military service or it's equivalent


The practice of holding a person in bondage or partial slavery in order for them to work off a debt or serve a prison sentence


The session and political dominance of a foreign territory

How is colonialism created?

Industrialization created in a enormous demand for Rob materials

How did taxation support colonialism?

Taxation supported the colonial government and forced needs into the market system

Corvee labor

Unpaid labor required by governing authority