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the ability to take action in the face of resistance, through force if necessary
the ability to take action based on a person's achieved or ascribed status or moral reputation
the ability to achieve a desired end by exerting social or moral pressure on someone or some group
Political Organization
groups within a culture that are responsible for public decision making and leadership, maintaining social cohesion and order, protecting group rights, and ensuring safety from external threats
the form of political organization of foraging groups, with flexible membership and minimal leadership
a form of political organization that comprises several bands or lineage groups, each with a similar language and lifestyle and occupying a distinct territory
Big-man system or big-woman system
a form of political organization midway between tribe and chiefdom and involving reliance on the leadership of key individuals who develop a political following through personal ties and redistributive fears
a strategy for developing political leadership in highland Papua New Guinea that involves exchanging gifts and favors with individuals and sponsoring large feasts where further gift-giving occurs
a form of political organization in which permanently allied tribes and villages have one recognized leader who holds an "office"
a form of political organization in which a centralized political unit encompasses many communities, a bureaucratic structure, and leaders who possess coercive power
Social control
processes that, through both informal and formal mechanisms, maintain orderly social life
a generally agreed-upon standard for how people should behave, usually unwritten and learned unconsciously
a binding rule created through enactment or custom that defines right and reasonable behavior and is enforceable by the threat of punishment
the exercise of social control through processes of surveillance and the threat of punishment related to maintaining social order
Trial by Ordeal
a way of determining innocence or guilt in which the accused person is put to a test that may be painful, stressful or fatal
Critical Legal Anthropology
an approach within the cross-cultural study of legal systems that examines the role of law and judicial processes in maintaining the dominance of powerful groups through discriminatory practices rather than protecting less powerful power
a group of people who share a language, culture, territorial base, political organization and history
organized and purposeful group action directed against another group and involving lethal force