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Which character uses propaganda throughout the story?
Who does Mr. Jones symbolize?
Czar Nicholas II
What did Napoleon do with the barley?
He made whiskey.
Which animals ate milk and apples?
The pigs
Who could turn black into white?
List Boxer's 2 mottoes.
I will work harder.

Napoleon is always right.
Who does Moses, the tame raven, symbolize?
A spy
Who predicted that the rebellion would occur?
Old Major
What do Boxer and Clover symbolize?
The working Class
What do the dogs symbolize?
Stalin's secret police
Name the two original days the Mr. Jones's gun was fired.
Battle of Cowshed

Anniversary of the Rebellion
Who does Old Major symbolize?
Lenin or Karl Marx
What does the windmill symbolize?
Industrial Revolution
What does the Foxwood Farm symbolize?
An adjacent country
Who does Napoleon symbolize?
Who does Snowball symbolize?
Who did Napoleon steal the windmill idea from?
What did the animals decide to do with the farmhouse?
Perserve it as a museum
What was "Beasts of England"?
A song of rebellion
Old Major's teachings were gathered into a complete thought known as what?
What is the setting?
Manor Farm
What was George Orwell's real name?
Eric Blair
Name the two young boars who shared power after Old Major's death?

What was Sugar Candy Mountain?
A place that Moses, the tamed raven, talked about. It represented Heaven.
What did Napoleon decide to do when food "fell short" in January?
He decided to sell the chickens' eggs.
What does Squealer symbolize?
The press
At the end of the story, Animal Farm was called what?
The Manor Farm
What did George Orwell ridicule in the book Animal Farm?
Any form of totalitarianism