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What are the positive effects of animals on humans?
*Decrease stress
*Improve social interaction
*Increase motivation
*Increase Self competence
*Improve cardiovascular health
*Increase trust
*Offer unconditional love
What are animal-assisted activities?
assistance dogs
cats visit nursing home
fish in kindergarten
therapeutic horseback riding
What are the benefits of animal assisted activities
Help improve medical, developmental,physical and mental conditions
In what two ways can animals be used in intervention planning?
They can be used as
*the MODALITY (tool)
*the GOAL itself (outcome)
What are the benefits of hippotherapy?
*MS tone
*Bal and equilibrium responses
*Gross & Fine motor coordination
*Postural control
*Self-efficacy and self-concept
*Body awareness
*Emotional well-being
*sense of success
What are the occupation based outcomes of hippotherapy
*Engage in maintenance of horse
*Riding session
*Groom and care of horse
*Participate in social activities/interactions