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Fetal erythropoiesis?
Y.oung L.iver S.ynthesizes B.lood

Yolk sac - 3-8 wks
Liver - 6-30 wks
Spleen - 9-28 wks
Bone Marrow - 28 wks on-->
Medial umbilical ligaments are derived from? What about the median umbilical ligament?
mediaL = umbiLical arteries
mediaN = Al 'N Toys (Allantois)
Branchial apparatus?
CAP - covers outside from inside
Clefts = ectoderm
Arches - mesoderm
Pouches = endoderm
1st aortic arch?
1st arch is MAXimal - part of MAXillary artery
Branchial arch 1?
the M's
Meckel's Cartilage
- mandible, malleus, incus, sphenoMandibular ligament
Muscles: Mastication (temporalis, Masseter, lateral and medial pterygoids), Mylohyoid, anterior digastric, tensor tympani, anterior 2/3 or tongue...CN V2 and V3
Branchial arch 2 derivatives?
the S's
Reichert's cartilage: Stapes, Styloid process, lesser horn of hyoid, Stylohyoid ligament
Muscles: Smile (facial expression, Stapedius, Stylohyoid, posterior digastric
Branchial arch 3 derivatives?
Think of pharynx: styloPHARYNGEus innervated by glossoPHARYNGEal nerve (IX), greater horn of hyoid
Diaphragm embryology?
S.everal P.arts B.uild D.iaphragm

Septum transversum
Pleuroperitoneal folds
Body wall
Dorsal mesentery of esophagus
Wolffian duct ...aka? Develops into?
Mesonephric duct
Seminal vesicles
Ejaculatory duct
Ductus deferens