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Head Quarters

Example: At HQ they decided to reduce the staff considerably.


Similar to inside

Example: They women didn't have a separate shop; theirs was actually within the men's store.

a turnoff/ on

Something takes away your interest or inspires it

Example: When he started talking about politics, it was a real turnoff - we aren't very like-minded.


General word for clothing

Women's apparel is usually on the ground floor at the front; men's apparel is usually in the back or up on some higher floor.

take off
start/ improve

Example: The idea of biking in cities in Europe has really taken off - the idea is spreading like mad.

swimming suit or swim suit

special clothing for the beach, pool, etc.

Example: Buying a new swim suit for vacation is something of a ritual.


That which is worn under your clothing

Example: Underwear ads are extremely popular these days - they feature famous people wearing almost no clothing.


Shock into finding a solution

Example: The management was galvanized by the employee strike.