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What Chinese product was prized as the finest in the world?
Why is the Hwang He river called the "River of Sorrows"?
the loess settles to the bottom of the river causing to flood the surrounding homes and farmland
In the process of silk making, who was responsible for taking care of the silkworms and turning the cocoons into thread?
Who was the chief or main god of the Shang Dynasty?
Shang Di
Why did the women of the Tang Dynasty bind their feet?
it became a symbol of female nobility
What caused the collapse of the first empire (Qin)?
Shi Huangdi died
Which dynasty can be credited for the following achievements:
365 1/4 day calendar
silk making
book making
astronomy - seeing Hailey's comet
Zhou Dynasty
What was an important effect of having a system of writing?
it fostered unity among the different regions of China
During the Tang and Song Dynasties, how could merchants move up to the gentry class?
purchase of land and education
Put the following social classes of the Tang and Song Dynasties in the correct order: gentry, merchants, peasants
gentry, peasants, merchants
What were the five relationships of Confucianism?
elder brother/younger brother
What is the Yin and Yang?
a delicate balance in the universe between two forces
Yin - earth, darkness, and female forces
Yang - heaven, light, and male forces
Why were merchants below the peasants in the Tang and Song Dynasties?
because they made their money off of others
How long was the Silk Road?
4,000 miles
Legalism was based on the teachings of whom?
Why is the Chinese language so difficult to learn?
students must memorize up to 10,000 characters
Why was Sui Wendi so important?
reunited north and south China and led the way for the Tang and Song Dynasties
What advances in farming allowed the Zhou to grow more food?
iron axes and ox-drawn iron plows
Who had the Great Wall of China built?
Shi Huangdi
define veneration of ancestors
the ancestors would serve as messengers for their families prayers and would take them to Shang Di
What was the purpose of the Great Wall and did it work?
to keep invaders out and no, it did not work
What were the barriers of the
west/southwest - mountains such as the Tien Shan and Himilayans and deserts
southeast - jungles
north - Gobi deserts
east - pacific ocean
How did Taoist feel about govenment?
the best government was one that governed the least
What was the social hierarchy (upper, middle and lower classes) of the Shang and Zhou Dynasties?
1. emperors, kings, nobles
2. merchants
3. peasants
Which dynasty is associated with burning books on literature and philosophy?
Qin Dynasty
Why is the Huang He River also known as the Yellow River?
the loess that settles into it gives it a yellow color
define li
ideal way of behaving
define mandate of heaven
divine right to rule
What was the best type of ruler according to Confucious?
The best ruler was a virtuous man who led by example.
Who was the founder of Confuncianism?
define ren
all encompassing virtue of good conduct
Were the people of the Zhou Dynasty polytheistic or monotheistic?
What emperor can be credited with the following sweeping changes?
uniform weights and measures
uniform writing
improving roads and canals
law on uniform cart axles
Shi Huangdi
What became China's most valuable export during the Zhou Dynasty?
What did Wang Chong believe?
no scientific theories should be accepted unless they were supported by proof
define loess
fine yellow soil
Who was Gao Zu and how did he become emperor?
an illiterate peasant who led rebellion - claimed mandate of heaven to take over and establish Han dynasty
What types of goods were brought into China from the silk road?
ostrich eggs, grapes, figs, cucumbers, and walnuts
define filial piety
respect for parents above all other duties
When and why was Buddhism more popular?
It was more popular in times of crisis because it offered salvation - one thing the others did not
Which of the following had the greatest emphasis on education: Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, or Legalism?
Who was the most famous Han emperor?
What type of government was the Qin Dynasty?
define alchemy
trying to turn ordinary metals into gold
Which Han emperor can be credited with the following achievements?
set up Imperial Univerisities
repaired roads and canals
set up granaries
set up a monopoly on iron and salt
chose officials from Confucianism
define pagoda
a multistoried temple with eaves that curve up at the corners
What two Dynasties were considered the Golden Ages?
Tang and Song
What was the main goal of the Taoist?
to find "the way"
When Shi Huangdi began his crackdown on dissent, how did he do it and who was hardest hit?
he jailed, tortured, or killed feudal nobles and Confucian Scholars
define gentry
wealthy landowners
Why did the Han Dynasty collapse?
peasant revolts
corruption in government
roads and canals fell apart
powerful warlords were hard to control
During the Tang and Song Dynasties how could peasants move up to the gentry class?
government service and education
How did the silk road begin?
Wudi sent army looking for horses and sent gifts of silk to cement alliances
When did women enjoy a higher status?
early Tang and Song times
What did Cai Lan invent?
What was the most respected form of Chinese literature during the Tang and Song Dynasties?
Where was the Song Dynasty located?
south of the Huang He river
Why was Buddhism hard to accept when it first began arriving in China?
difficulties in translating from Sanskrit to Chinese - Chinese valued family loyalty (filial piety) while Buddhism honored those who left thier families
Which Dynasty can be credited with the following achievements?
paper making
fishing reels
wheel barrows
suspension bridges
ship rudders
The Han Dynasty
Under Emperor Wudi, where were the Chinese outposts located?
Korea, N. Vietnam, Tibet and Central Asia
According, to Legalism how could social order be achieved?
passing strict laws and enforcing them with harsh punishments
Who was the founder of Buddhism?
What led to the collapse of the Tang Dynasty?
government corruption
high taxes
drought, famine, rebellion
Who can the following inventions be credited to?
dyes, gunpowder, medicine, and porcelain
Who was the founder of Taoism?
What type of government was the Han Dynasty?
What did Tang Taizong do to help the government and economy?
uniform system of writing
civil service exams
set up schools
developed flexible law code
built canals and damns
What was the best type of ruler according to the Legalists?
one that ruled with strength, not virtue
How large were some of the cities of the Song Dynasty?
over one million
How did Buddhism get to China?
by merchants and missionaries who traveled to China
How were the Chinese able to develop calendars and timekeeping pieces?
observing and measuring movement of the stars and planets
What is the symbol used by the Taoist?
yin and yang
What did Ban Zhao do and say?
Wrote Lessons for Women - thought boys and girls should have equal education and stressed obedience and submission for women
How did Taoist feel about education?
had no need for intelligence
Who was the most admired of ALL Chinese emperors?
Tang Taizong