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bone formation
ossification or
2 kinds of ossification
intramembranous ossification
endochondrial ossification
intramembanrous ossification
bone forms directly from mesenchyme
it's arranged in sheetlike layers
(flat bones of the skull, mandible)
4 steps of intramembanous ossification
1) development of ossification center
2) calcification
3) formation of trabeculae
4) development of periosteum
endochondrial ossification
replacement of cartilage by bone
most bones of the body are formed this way
6 steps to endochondrial ossification
1) development of cartilage model
2) growth of cartilage model (A&B)
3) development of primary ossification center
4) development of medullary cavity
5) development of secondary ossification center
6) formation of articular cartilage &
the epiphyseal plate