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The 3 layers if the eye are...

Fibrous (protective) tunic, vascular ( nourishing) tunic, nervous (light sensitive) tunic

What makes up the fibrous tunic?

Sclera and cornea

What are the 5 layers of the cornea?

Epithelium,bowman's membrane, stroma, decements membrane, and endothelium

Descemets membrane lies between the _______ and ______

Endothelium, stroma

Keeps the cornea clear by removing water (like a pump)


What 3 things make up the vascular tunic?

Choroid,ciliary body, and iris (cci)

is embedded with tiny muscles that help control the light levels in your eyes?


What are the 2 muscles that control the light levels in your eye called?

Dialator and sphincter muscles.

What lies between the retina and the sclera?


Connects withe ciliary body, towards the front if the eye AND edges the optic nerve in the back of the eye?


Where does the ciliary body sit?

Behind the iris

What does the ciliary body produce?

Aqueous humor

What does the ciliary muscles do?

Contracts and relaxes the crystalline lens.

What are the fibers that run from the ciliary body to the chrystaline lens?


The ______ suspend the crystalline lens


Changes in the shape and thickness of the lens cause an increase in the refractive power of the eye is called____________.


The eyes process of changing it's focusing distance from near to far and vice versa.


The nervous tunic consists of the ________.


Where does light meet its final destination?

The retina

Contains millions of photoreceptors


What are the 2 types of photoreceptors?

Rods and cones

How many rods are there?

120 million

How many cones are there?

6 million

What part of vision are the rods responsible for?

Night vision and peripheral vision

What part of vision are the cones responsable for?

Detail and color

What 3 colors are the cones?

Red blue green

Where are the cones and rods contained at?

In the macula

The very center part of the macula?


To see color, how many of the cones do you have to excite?


Name the 3 chambers of the eye

Anterior chamber , posterior chamber, and vitreous chamber

Located between the cornea and the iris

Anterior chamber

Located between the iris and the crystalline lens

Posterior chamber

Located between the crystalline lens and the retina.

Vitreous chamber

Greatest volume of the eye (about 4/5)

Vitreous chamber

Flows between the lens and iris and thru the pupil into the anterior chamber.

Aqueous humor

Maintains IOP and provides nutrients

Aqueous humor

What is the main purpose of the aqueous humor?

Maintain ocular pressure and provide nutrients to the lens, pupil, and iris.

Greatest volume of the eye?

How much space does it occupy?

Vitreous chamber

4/5 of the eye.

The vitreous chamber is filled with this thick like gel?

Vitreous humor

Where floaters occur

Vitreous humor

Acts as a storage area for nutrients and absorbs pshock to protect the retina

Vitreous chamber

What is the protective sac around the eye called?

Tenons capsule

What is the index of refraction for the aqueous humor?


What is the resting power if refraction of the crystalline lens?


What is the ring of fibrils around the known as (hint: there are 2 answers)

Zonule of Zinn

Suspensory ligaments

Where does the highest concentration of rods and cones in central zone of the retina occur?

The mácula

How wide is the macula?


What is the very small are (1/4mm) in the center of the macula called?


Does the fovea contain rods or cones?

Cones therefor is know as the area with the most acute vision.

The small area around the point of the exit is know as the______.

Optic disc

The optic disc is void of any rods and cones and is known often referred to as the _______.

Blind spot

What is the palpebra?


What is conjuctiva?

Lubricated membrane that allows for easy movement of the eye lid.

These glands continually secret tears

Lacriminal glands

These ducts continually drain the tears from the eye.

Lacriminal ducts