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An example of a "ball and socket" joint is the


The kidneys are located behind the


During swallowing, the larynx is covered by


The protein in epidermal cells that makes the skin relatively waterproof is


Where are the sublingual glands located?

Beneath mucus membrane

The urinary bladder is located in the

pelvic cavity

An abnormal scar formation is


The lining of the uterus is called the


Where is chyme produced?


Muscles are attached to bones by


Growth hormone is produced in the


Select the term that refers to a severe allergic response

anaphylactic shock

Which one of the following is the most common blood disorder that may resultfrom a variety of causes?


When a muscle contracts, it becomes

shorter and thicker

Where do peristaltic waves occur?


What is the medical term for "baby" teeth?


Where is the stomach located?

under the diagphragm

The thin membrane that lines the eyelids and covers the white of the eye is the


The hormone responsible for ovulation is


Permanent adult dentition consists of ___ teeth.


A patient diagnosed with farsightedness has


Egg cells are produced where?

ovarian follicle

Approximately 60% of the plasma proteins are formed by


The cavity within the kidney that collects urine is the

renal pelvis

The function of insulin is to

assist glucose into the cells

The internal folds of the stomach are known as


The left ventricle of the heart sends blood out through which artery?


The urinary system consists of
twokidneys, two ureters, urinary bladder and the urethra.
Prostatichypertrophy is

enlarge prostate

The combining form "hist/o" means


Which of the following is the most common eye condition associated with aging?


The medical term for inflammation of the liver is


An accumulation of serous fluid in the peritoneal cavity is


Which term is best described as “destruction by burning
The prefix "ad" means

to add to

The surgical incision into the abdomen is
Encephalopathy is defined as

any dysfunction of the brain

A hernia of part of the rectum into the vagina is called


What term is best associated with cancer that has spread to other organs of the body?


What is the first portion of the small intestinal?


Abnormal widening of the arterial wall that is weak and bulges”, definesthe term


The medical term for indigestion is


The term "myotomy" means incision into


The law requires that which one of the following be reported to the appropriate authorities?

child abuse

The purpose of the Good Samaritan Act is to protect healthcare providers rendering First Aid from

civil and criminal liability

Which of the following is a legally binding request to provide records or documents to a court that is usually issued to the person considered the custodian of the records?
Subpoenaduces tecum
The physician informs the medical assistant that he or she will no longer treat a patient who refuses to follow his or her medical advice and treatment plan. The procedure that the medical assistant should follow is to
senda letter of formal withdrawal to the patient by certified mail, return receiptrequested.
In the absence of the employing physician, a medical assistant determines that apatient needs a prescription drug and dispenses the wrong drug from thephysician’s supply the performance of this totally wrongful and unlawfulact is known as
Under this doctrine, physicians are legally responsible for the acts of their employees when they are acting within the scope of their duties or employment.
The patient puts out his or her arm to allow the medical assistant to draw blood.This type of consent is called
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A surgeon leaves a sponge in a patient’s abdominal cavity after abdominalsurgery
Translated as “the thing speaks for itself”, which of the following is evidence showing that negligence by the accused person may be reasonably inferred from the nature of the injury occurring to the plaintiff?
Resipsa loquitur
The purpose of HIPAA security standards is to set national standards for safeguarding the confidentiality of
electronic exchange of patient information
Which of the following is a court order requiring a witness to producerecords for a trial
Subpoenaduces tecum
In some states, a minor is legally unable to make treatment decisions with limited exceptions. Under what circumstances would a patient such as Jane Doe, a 16-year-old minor, suffering from cancer, be allowed to refuse continued chemotherapy treatments?

being an emancipated minor

HIPAA requires covered entities to submit Medicare claims
throughelectronic data exchange
Which of the following terms indicates consent in which there is an understanding of the treatment that will be performed, why it should be performed, any alternative methods of treatment, and the risks and benefits of the treatments discussed?


The statute that defines what is included in the practice of medicine, establishesthe requirements for licensure, and establishes the grounds for suspension orrevocation of a license is called the
MedicalPractice Act
If a physician accepts payment from another physician solely for the referral of a patient, both are guilty of

fee splitting

Dr.Martin agrees to perform an appendectomy on Mrs. O’Hara. Mrs. O’Hara has received anesthesia and is prepped for surgery. Dr. Martin is double-booked so he allows the Chief Resident, Dr. Thompson, to perform Mrs. O’Hara’s appendectomy. The practice of substituting another surgeon without the patient’s consent is the unethical situation known as

ghost surgery

If a caring family member asks about a patient’s treatment, the medical assistantshould
provideonly information that has been authorized by the patient
The provision of medical care to physician's colleagues, their families, or stafffree of charge (or at a reduced fee) is called
Positioning or sitting behind a desk communicates the message of


The technique used to let a patient know how you interpreted the message he or she is communicating is called


The avoidance of confronting a personal problem or reality by acting as if theproblem or reality never existed is a defense mechanism known as


This type of listening is highly recommended for health care providers and patients in communicating needs. It involves participation in a conversation with another by means of repeating words and phrases or giving approving or disapproving nods.

active listening

A"non-duplication of benefits" is also called

coordination of benefits

The policy describing a period of non-coverage for conditions diagnosed prior tothe issuance of an insurance benefit plan is called
apre-existing conditions waiver
Medicare Part B covers

prescription medical equipment

Accepting assignment on a Medicare claim means that the physician is compensated
80%of approved amount.
The notice sent to the patient showing the amount owed to the physician is called the

itemized statement

Claims with a signed assignment of benefits are paid to the


A letter for statement from the insurance carrier describing what was paid,denied, or reduced in payment. Also contains information about amounts applied to the deductible, the patient’s co-insurance, and the allowed amounts.

explanation of benefits

The term "total permanent impairment" means that the patient
isunable to perform previous occupational duties
Arange of usual fees in the same community is the

prevailing fee

Which one of the following is an insurance claim processing error
Using"rule out" diagnosis
Medical sole proprietorship, partnerships, groups, and corporations are encouraged to purchase insurance policies that include benefits for medical expenses payable to individuals who are injured in the insured person’s home, business, or car,without regards to the insured person’s actual legal liability for the accident. This type of insurance is called

liability insurane

A written authorization by the patient giving the insurance company the right topay the physician directly for billed services is known as the

assignment of benefits

In 2006, drug and prescription benefits were added allowing Medicare recipients the option of choosing, at a reduced cost, a plan that pays for prescription drugs with just a small co-payment from the patient. Beneficiaries choose the drug plan and pay a monthly premium. This option is

medicare part d

Types of health insurance and plan benefits: This type of benefit covers catastrophic or prolonged illness or injury. This insurance takes over when basic medical, hospitalization, and surgical benefits end.

major medical

A payment method used by many managed care organizations in which a fixed amount of money is reimbursed to the provider for patients enrolled during a specific period of time, no matter what services are received or how many visits ar emade.


Once a delinquent account has been turned over to a collection agency, the physician's office should
referall inquiries to the collection agency
The petty cash fund may be used

small incidental items

Which of the following entries are recorded in the adjustment column?

insurance write offs

This type of check has a detachable form. The detachable portion is used to itemize or specify the purpose for which the check is drawn and shows discounts and various itemization. The detachable portion is removed before the check is presented for payment.

voucher check

The cost to a physician for the services of a collection agency is usually
. apercentage of each amount collected.
This type of check is a bank’s own check drawn on itself and signed by the bank cashier or other authorized official. This check is obtained by paying the bank the amount of the check.

cashiers check

Employers are required by law to withhold certain amounts from employees’ earnings. These amounts must be reported and forwarded to the IRS to be applied toward payment of income tax. The Income Tax Withholding is also known as


This bookkeeping entry occurs when a patient has paid in advance or when an over payment or duplicate payment has been made.

credit balance

Which one of the following represents the total of all patient outstanding balances owed to the practice?

accounts receivable

Which one of the following represents a successful "trial balance?"
Alltransactions balance with the end of the day journal
When a bankruptcy notice is received in the office it is beneficial to
submita form to the court trustee
The medical assistant develops a matrix or a template prior to creating the physician’s schedule in order to
blockout time slots when the physician is not available to see patients
The signature of the treating physician, medical assistant, or other healthcare provider on the medical record indicates that the record is accurate. This is called


The destruction of all microorganisms is essential for surgical a sepsis. The method often used in the medical office that completely destroys microorganisms is


What are the two most important factors in performing an effective handwash

friction and running warm water

The autoclave chamber door is slightly opened at the end of the autoclave cycle to

allow the items to dry

Which of the following are applied to the outside of the material used to wrap instruments or supplies for the autoclave that lets you know when an item or items have been sterilized?

sterilization indicators

The instrument used to view the urinary bladder is


What instruments have sharp edges and are used to incise skin and tissue

cutting and dissecting tools

Which of the following is a surgical instrument with slender jaws used for grasping blood vessels and establishing homeostasis?

hemostat clamp

The average pulse for an adult at rest is in the range of


Normal bacteria that are found in the intestinal tract and are the most common cause of lower-tract urinary infections (due to improper hygiene after bowelmovements), are


The most common arterial site for obtaining an adult pulse is


A marked drop in blood pressure is found with


A sudden attack, such as that observed in epilepsy is known as


The knee-chest position is used for examination of the


CheyneStokes describes a
typeof respiration
You have just a venipuncture on your patient and the patient says she feels like she is going to faint. Into what position do you quicklyplace your patient in
What type of pulse is obtained using a stethoscope


Which of the following types of intramuscular injections is recommended for the administration of irritating or staining medications?

Z - track

Michelle has an order to administer a TB test to her patient. She knows that the bodysites used for an intradermal injection are the

anterior forearm and the upper back

Which of sutures does not require removal from the body?


Electrosurgeryis used for
removalof benign skin lesions
Most instruments are classified according to their function, which instrument is classified as a dilating/probing instrument


The preanalytical phase of laboratory procedures refers to
thelaboratory testing phase in which tests are ordered and specimens are collectedand prepared for testing
Which type of bleeding is easiest to control


A normal color of urine is


A urine specimen collected over a specific period of time for quantitative analysis is


A greenish-brown urine may be indicate of


The major components of a routine urinalysis are
physical,chemical and microscopic
In electrocardiography, the electrode used as a ground is

RL ( right leg)

If it is necessary to move an unresponsive, adult victim quickly away from a scene unassisted, you should
dragthe patient by the heels to safety
What is the proper treatment for syncope?
Placethe patient in a supine position with the legs elevated
A second degree burn would appear as
red,edematous, wet, shiny or blistered.
The appropriate first response to a syncope episode is to
placethe patient supine with legs elevated.
What should be done if a person exhibits changing levels of consciousness?
Havethe patient lie down
When using a fire extinguisher, what does the acronym PASS mean?
Pull,aim, squeeze, and sweep
Fire extinguishers must be inspected and recharged, if necessary,

once a year

The first step in controlling bleeding is

direct pressure

study of physical structure of body


the science of the function of cells, tissue and organs of the body


study of features observed with naked eye

gross anatomy

normal or balanced state


division of body vertically into right and left

midsagittal plane

toward the midline


away form the midline


near the point of attachment


away from point of attachment


division of body vertically front to back

frontal or coronal plane


anterior or ventral


dorsal or posterior

division of body horizontally

transverse plane

superior or cranial


inferior or caudal


divided by diaphragm into thoracic and abdominopelvic


upper abdomin and lower pelvic

abdominopelvic cavity


contains stomach small intestine, liver,spleen, pancreas, gallbladder, most of large intestines, and the kidneys


posterial/dorsal abdominal space

pelvic cavity

reproductive organs, urinary bladder, last section of large intestine, pelvic girdle

thoracic cavity

chest - everything between neck and diaphragm

mediastinum - heart, trachea, great vessels

pleural cavity - lung, pleural lining

cell eating white blood cells engulf bacteria


cell drinking engulfing of large molecules of liquid material


5 stages of mitosis

prophase, metaphase, anaphase,telophase, daughter cells

epithelial tissue

form glands, covers surface of body, line body cavities, provide specific secretion of glands known as endocrine and exocrine

connective tissue

forms supportive structure of body, connects other tissue together to form body parts and organs

nerve tissue

serves as the body communication network

3 types nerve tissue

sensory - in skin or sense organ, sends signal toward spinal cord and brain

interneuron/connecting - carries impulse to another neuron

motor - receives impulse to cause an action

2 types of nerve fibers

dendrites - deliver/bring impulse to cell body

axons - conduct impulses away from body

peripheral nerves

nerves outside brain and spinal cord - fibers covered in myelin sheath - fatty insulating material and neruilemma - thin membrane

2 types of muscle tissue

voluntary - tissue controlled at will with impulses from the brain, known as skeletal or striated - gives body ability to move

involuntary - occurs without control or conscious awareness..

- smooth - found within walls of all organs except heart

- cardiac - found in heart only

3 divisions of nervous system

central nervous system - brain and spinal cord

peripheral nervous system - all nerves connected to cns and every organ and areas of the body 12 cranial / 31 spinal

autonomic nervous system - subset of pns , controls internal organs and self regulating body functions


mass of nerve tissue made up of 100 billion neurons

weighs about 3 lbs


protective and supportive covering of the brain.

3 layers 2 spaces

- pia mater - inner layer

- arachnoid - middle layer

- dura mater - tough layer

- subdural space - between dura mater and arachnoid

longitudinal fissure

divides brain into 2 hemispheres


controls sensory and motor activities

A gradual opacity over the lens of the eye is referred to as


Nerve impulses move at how many miles per hour?


What is the function of genes?
produce the characteristics or traits such as eye color, substances in chromosomes that dictates heredity

nerve impulses

travel across a neuron from dendrites to cell body and then to the axon through synapse


jumping of impulses across the space within the cell body between dendrite and axon

2 divisions of autonomic nervous system

sympathetic - accelerates activity of smooth muscle begin at base of brain and run down both sides of spinal column

parasympathetic - reverses actions of sympathetic nerves by slowing down the activity

cerebrum lobes

frontal -behind forehead - related to emotions

occipital - far back portion -associated with vision

parietal - located on either side between frontal and occipital - associated with speech, movement of hands, feet, tongue, senses of pain, touch, heat and cold, hearing through auditory nerve, smell through olfactory nerve


below cerebrum - responsible for smooth muscle movement, muscle tone, coordination such as equilibrium, walking and dancing


space between cerebrum and brain stem

where thymus and hypothalamus are found


above medulla oblonganta - regulates breathing


white of eye


middle layer of eye


inside layer of eyeball

rods, cones, optic disc

outer ear

pinna/auricle - collects sound wave

external auditory canal - transports sound wave to canal

tympanic membrane/ear drum - turns sound wave into vibration

middle ear

malleus/hammer - vibrations cause of striking incus

incus/anvil - receives vibrations and moves stapes

stapes/stirrup - pushes vibrations against fluid in inner ear

eustachian tube - connects middle ear to throat

inner ear

vestibule - receives vibrations from stapes, send to cochlea

cochlea - coils - transmits impulse to auditory nerve

semicircular canals - maintains equilibrium

What is osteoarthritis
common form of arthritis with progressive deterioration of the joint cartilage most often in the hips and knees
Which of the following muscles is responsible for flexing the thigh
What are the four types of Alopecia
physiologic, areata/idiopathic, trichotilloma, and chemo therapy related
The human skeleton includes how many phalanges


The types of muscles are
skeletal, cardiac, and smooth
The part of the finger nail that attaches to the finger tip is called the
nail plate
What are the five divisions of the vertebral column of the axial skeleton
cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral and coccygeal
What is the definition of muscle strain
complete or incomplete tear of ligaments of a joint
The sac around the lungs is called the
The smallest blood cell are


Plasma contains
. 92% water and 8% nutrients and elements
What percentage of lymphocytes act directly on their targets through cell-mediated immunity

anatomy of heart

pericardium - outer wall

myocardium - muscle

endocardium - interior surface

septum - muscular wall - divides heart right to left

atrium - upper right and left chambers

ventricles - lower right and left chambers

heart valves

tricuspid - between right atrium and right ventricle

bicuspid - between left atrium and left ventricle

semilunar - right atrium to pulmonary artery

aortic - left ventricle to aorta

What is the master gland and how many hormones does it secrete
Pituitary Gland-secretes 9 hormones
Oliguria is
scanty urine output.
What is the top section of the nephron
Bowman’s capsule.
How long is the male urethra
8 inches
When does the zygote begin growing after fertilization
36 hours
Which of the following is an example of Tort Law
State Medical Practice Acts
Civil litigation processes include
subpoenas. discovery pre-trial conference
Written actions of defamation of character are
Malfeasance is
illegal conduct by an official.
Microallocation refers to
decisions made by Physicians.
Bioethics brings ethics into the health care field and presents many dilemmas. One area of concern is the wait time for new patients, which is reported to be
14.5 days.
Implied contract are

ds of negligience

duty of care


direct cause


five p of ethical power

purpose pride, patience, perspective, persistance

Who revolutionized surgery by sterilizing instruments and washing physician’s hands with an antiseptic spray
Joseph Lister
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs are often
barriers to therapeutic communication.
What percentage of language is nonverbal
What are the four elements of the communication cycle
receiver must decode the message, gives feedback, receiver must decode the meaning of feedback and give feedback after decoding
What pathogen causes intestinal disease due to inadequately cooked meat
The smallest pathogen or infective organism is