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controls metabolism located in the neck.
whatare the steps fish evolved to make it to frogs?
fins -legs
sense organs-made for air
body shape
blood flow
what is the cloaca
the place where everything leaving the frog(waste, sperm/eggs) collects
digestive tract
tounge, mouth, teeth, esophogues, pyloric sphincter, duadenum, jejunum, ileum, rectum, anus, cloaca
what is the spinal cord?
a single dorsal hollow nerve cord
what does the cerebellum do?
coordinates the muscles
adrenal gland
located near kidney controls blood pressure and coloration(chromatophores)
general charactoristics.
2 pairs of limbs
moist skin
pair of nostrils/nares
breath with either lings hills or skin pored
3 chambered heart
internal and external fertalisavtion
bony endoskeleton
nictititating membrane
lower eyelid for underwater vision
where does the pulmo cutoneous arch send blood?
to the lungs
what does the conus arteriosus split into?
the aortic arches
where is the pancreas?
inside the "J" of the stomach
where does the coeliaco-mesenteric artery send blood?
its the large arter that feeds the hepatic arterythe left gastric artery, the right gastric artery, the pancreatic artery, the pancres, the coeliac artery, the mesenteric artary, the splenic artary, and the posterior mesentaric artery.
how many cranial nerves?
10 pairs
what does the olfactory nerve do?
detects smell
what is the olfactory lobe?
region of the brain that interprets smells
what are the wholes below the estrucian apature in line with the glottis called?
the vocal sac apatures
what are the fingers on frogs called?
what are the holes in line with the esophogus on either side of the inside of the head called?
the estrucian apature
what are the internal nares?
the nostril opennings inside the mouth
what is the esophogus?
the food tube in frogs
what is endo cronology?
the study of hormones and how they affect the body
what is the glottis?
the openning to the lungs in frogs
what does the optic lobe do?
processes messeges from the eyes
where does the systemic arch send blood?
to the body and the arms
what does the medulla oblongata do?
coordinates vital internal organs
what do the renal veins do?
they bring blood from the kidneys to the heart
what are the steps in exhaling?
open glottis
open nares
squeeze abdominal muscles
where does the cutaneos artery send blood?
the skin
where does the corotid arch send blood to?
the brain
where does the cutaneos arch send blood?
the skin
which half of the small intestine is the ileum
the second half
where are the three lobes of the liver?
the left lobe is directly above the stomach, and the right lobe is directly above the gall bladder, and the median lobe is directly above the left lobe.
which half of the small intestine is the duadenum?
the first half
where is the gall bladder
next to the right liver lobe
what does the cerebrum do?
controls body activities.
veeney connected tissue for absorption of food into blood stream
what is the mesentary connected to?
the small intestine
makes insulin that controls blood sugar level.
pituitary gland
controls growth and sex drive/activity - near brain
where does the posterior mesenteric artery send blood?
the bottom of the small intestine
where is the pyloric sphincter?
at the very end of the stomach
what are the steps in inhaling?
open nares
close glottis
lower throat

close nares open glottis raise throat