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Treaty of Paris
This document ended the war. It said The British would leave the colonies & recognize the USA, it also outlined the borders for the USA.
First Continental Congress
A meeting where delegates from 12 of the colonies made decisions to unify & protest the British.
Declaration of Independence
This said the colonies were the United States of America. This document was written mostly by Thomas Jefferson.
Quartering Act
Britain made a law which forced British soldiers to live in people's homes.
This was the last major battle of the war. Cornwallis was trapped by land and sea, which forced him to surrender.
Bunker Hill
"Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes." This battle the Americans ran out of ammunition and had to retreat.
The first major victory for Washington. Kept the spirit of the Patriot soldiers up. This battle took place in New Jersey.
Stamp Act
A law which required a tax paid on legal documents, newspapers, pamphlets, etc.
Swamp Fox
A nickname for Francis Marion. He would pop out and do hit & run attacks on the British.
Seven Years War/French and Indian War
Britain had a huge debt from this conflict. They felt the British should help pay for the debt because it was fought in the colonies.
France decided to send suport after this battle. This battle was a turning point in the war.
Valley Forge
Where Washington & his troops spent the terrible winter of 1777-1778
Boston Massacre
A physical conflict where British soldiers fired into a crowd of colonists killing five.
Boston Tea Party
Physical form of protest where Sons of Liberty dressed as "Indians" and threw tea overboard.
Lexington & Concord
Colonists used guerrilla warfare in this first battle of the revolution.
Intolerable Acts/Coercive Acts
This closed the port of Boston. Boston's assembly couldn't meet, new Quartering Act was created, & British soldiers could be tried in Britain. This was Britain's punishment for the Boston Tea Party.