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Why do we have Laws?
To use as a guideline for moral human behavior. Encourage people to do what is right and discourage to do whats wrong.
Which ancient written code of conduct asserted the power of the State, protected weaker from the stronger, and attempted to restore equity between offender and victim?
Code of Hammurabi.
What is the common law?
It was nothing more than a set of unwritten rules and customs that acted as guidelines for settling disputes, determining inheritance of property, and dealing with persons who committed crimes.
Which crime classification subjects the violator to the most severe punishment either by death, imprisonment in a state prison for more than a year?
A felony.
What is a misdemeanor?
Is a crime that can result in a fine or a maximum imprisonment for one year.
What document is considered to be the foreruner of the present "due process" rights becasuse it granted the people of England certain political and civil rights?
The Magna Carta

Magna Charta
What is an Atonement>?
A form a money that was used to repay the victims family. Currency was horses, coes, and money.
What does the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution?
Unreasonable searches and seizures and requires probable cause.
Which amendment to the US constitution prohibits double jeopardy and prohibits compleeling a person in a criminal case to be a witness against himself?
5th Amendment
Which Amendment prohibits cruel and unusual punishment?
8th amendment