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Union Pacific/Central Pacific
Part of the Transcontinental Railroad
Union Pacific-started in Omaha, Nebraska
Central Pacific-started in Sacramento, California
Chivington Massacre
Colorado National guard in uniformed massacred the Indian Tribe for the sole purpose of wanting them dead, because of the government signing a treaty with the Indians.
George Armstrong Custer
Colonel of the 7th Calvary regiment whose unit was killed during the Battle of Little Big Horn
Little Big Horn
Area where Custer's Unit was slaughtered in Battle
Homestead Act
Act which gave land away in the west to encourage development
Organization started by Oliver Kelly to provide information for farmers
Pike's Peak
area near present day Denver, Colorado where gold was discovered in 1858
Coinage Act
Act in 1873 that that embraced gold and demonetized silver
Populist Party
Party that ran candidates in 1892 and 1896, in 1896 their candidate was William Jennings Bryan
William Jennings Bryan
Populist Party candidate nominated when he was only 36
Oliver Kelly
Starts organization known as Grange which provides information to farmers
Greenback Movement
Movement to use "greenbacks" (money similar to today's) for standard money
Silver Movement
Movement to have silver become part of the money system (making it a dual system gold and silver)