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These flash cards were made based on the test and from questions that are not on the study guide. Use these cards and the study guide to review.
Coach Adcock
One of the conflicts between the British and the U.S. that continues after the War of 1812.
fishing rights on the Great Lakes
This convinces Spanish leaders to end disputes with the U.S. over Florida
Gen. Andrew Jackson's presence in Florida
What concerned President Monroe when Mexico became independent in 1821?
European powers might try to colonize Latin America
What did Henry Clay do to finance the building of new roads and canals?
added a tariff on foreign goods
Who created the terms of the Missouri Compromise and convinced Congress to accept it?
Henry Clay
Why did some members of Congress disagree with using federal funds to build roads, canals and railroads?
they believed it was unconstitutional
What was the result of the Supreme Court's decision in the 1824 case of Gibbons v. Ogden
states cannot interfere with Congress' powere to regulate interstate commerce
The artists paintings at the Hudson River School focused on________.
the Hudson River Valley