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John Locke
English philosopher who developed the theory of " natural rights"
Locke believed that all people were born with right of life, liberty and property and that the role of the government was to protect those rights.
Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom
Document that stated that the human mind was created free and that government control of religious beliefs was wrong.
All men shall be able to profess (speak) their opinions in matters of religion.
Republican Motherhood
Proposed that American women could influence politics and society through their work in the home.
Mothers would offer guidance to their husbands and educate their children in principles of liberty, democratic values and civic responsibility.
Articles of Confederation
Created a confederation or association, of states while guaranteeing each state its own sovereignty and independence
All powers not directly given to the Congress were retained by the states
Land Ordinance of 1787 or the Northwest Ordinance
Act that established a system for governing the Northwest Territory.
Outlined that steps needed to achieve statehood within the United States.
Land Ordinance of 1875
Marked off land into townships and divided each township into 640 acre tracts of land
36 square miles in each township. With several sections reserved for public education and the government.