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Authorized the government to inspect the financial health of all banks

Emergency Banking Act

Established a Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to insure bank deposits


Put more than 2.5 million young, unmarried men to work maintaining forest, beaches, and parks

Civilian Conservation Corps

Sponsored massive public works projects such as dams and hydroelectric plants

Public Works Administration

Refinanced mortgages by making payments in manageable

Home Owners Loan Corporation

Raise farm prices by paying subsides or government financial assistance to farmers who cut production of certain crops

Agricultural Adjustment Administration

Helped farmers and created jobs in one country's least developed regions.

Tennessee Valley Authority

Provided work for more than 5 million citizens.

Works Progress Administration

Legalized union practices as collective bargaining and closed shops

Wagner Act

Established a social security system to provide financial security

Social Security Act

Set minimum usage and set maximum working hours

Fair Labor Standards Act