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Has the idea of freedom stayed the same in our country?
The idea of freedom has stayed the same in our country. People have been willing to fight this promise, and because they did fight our country has survived.
What did the thirteenth ammendment say?
The thirteenth ammendment said that it was against the law to have slaves.

HOw was mail carried in the West?
Mail was carried by stagecoach. A stagecoach is a wagon pulled by horses.
What did Alexander Graham Bell invent?
Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone.
Name some things that changed the way americans live.
Transportation and communication have changed the way Americans live. One kind of transportation was car. One communication was the telephone.
What did people in the West use for transportation and communication?
People in the west used trains, horses and stagecoaches for transportation and communication.
Name the railroads that were built in the 1860's..
The railroads that were built in the 1860's were the Central Pacific, Union Pacific, and the TransContinental Railroad.
What did Samuel Morse invent and why was it important?
Samuel Morse invented the telegraph. People could get messages quickly from faraway which is what made this invention important.
Describe Helen Keller.
Helen Keller was blind and deaf. Helen Keller learned how to communicate by tapping letters in someone's hand. Later after she learned this she went to college and showed the world what she learned.
What did Henry Ford invent?
Henry Ford invented the Model T car.
What did Marconi invent?
Marconi invented a wireless telegraph that later became the radio.
Who was Thomas Edison?
Thomas Edison was an inventor who invented over one thousand inventions including the movie camera, microphone, phonograph. His most important invention was the light bulb.
What did people use before light bulbs?
Before Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, people used candles, oil lamps, and gas lamps.
What did Farnsworth invent?
Farnsworth invented the television set.