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House of Representatives Requirements
-resident of that state
-citizen of U.S. for 7 years
-at least 25 years old
Senate Requirements
-resident of that state
-citizen of U.S. for 9 years
- at least 30 years old
President Requirements
-natural born citizen of the U.S.
-35 years of age
-citizen of the U.S. for 14 years
- 2 terms; 4 years each
a legislative body that has two houses.
political entrepreneurship
ability to sell oneself as a candidate for public office.
The Necessary and Proper Clause
Congress having the power to enact all laws that are necessary and proper for carrying out the responsibilities delegated to it.
minority leader
House and Senate: leader of the opposition party.
majority leader
House: the majority party leader and 2nd command to the Speaker
Senate: leader of the majority party
House of Representatives
435 members
based on population (district)term = 2 years
The H.O.R.bringing charges against someone in which they are subject to a trial by the Senate.
candidate currently in office seeking reelection.
name recognition
the extent to which voters know a candidate's name.
franking privilege
free use of the U.S. mails granted to members of Congress to promote communication with constituents.
campaign contribution
incumbents will receive contributions, because the people already know that candidate in office.
soft money
political contributions given to a party for activities such as party building or voter registration, but not directly for campaigns.
100 senators - 2 from each state regardless of population
-term: 6 years
hard money
political contributions given directly to the candidate's campaigns and have regulated limits.
Electoral College
the 538 presidential electors whose votes officially elect the president and vice president of the U.S.
congressional hearings
congressional committee sessions in which members listen to witnesses who provide info and opinions of matter of interest to the comm.
the allocation of House seats to states after each 10 year census.
Speaker of the House
presiding officer of the House of Representatives.

Dennis Hastert
drawing of legislative district boundary lines following each ten-year census.
drawing district boundary lines for political advantage.
President Pro Tem of the Senate
the person in the senate with the most seniority. Presides ocver the Senate if the Vice President is unable.