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an area governed by the U.S. that is eligible to become a state
full faith and credit clause
ensures that each state will accept the decisions of the courts in the other states
a legal process for returning criminals to the state from which they fled
a lawmaking body that consists of only one house
item veto
the power of the head of the executive branch to reject one part of a bill but approve the rest
a process by which citizens of a state may propose a law by collecting signatures on a petition
a proposed law resulting from a petition
a method of referring a bill to the voters for approval before it becomes a law
a process by which voters may remove an elected officila from office
the chief executive of a state government
executive order
an order issued by the head of the executive branch to set up methods of reinforcing laws
lieutenant governor
the official who succeeds the governor if the governor dies or is unable to fulfill the position
an order to pay out government funds
a system in which government jobs are given to people recommended by political party leaders
penal code
a set of criminal laws
criminal case
a court case in which a person is accused of breaking a criminal law
civil case
a court case in which a person is accused of breaking a criminal law
a lawsuit
the person or company filing the complaint
justice of the peace
a judge who presides over a state justice court who tries misdemeanors and civil cases involving small sums
municipal court
a court in a large city that handles minor civil and criminal cases
small claims court
a state court that hears civil cases involving small amounts of money
general trial court
a court that handles criminal and civil cases