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What was the outcome of the Battle of San Jacinto?
The Mexicans, including Santa Anna, were captured, and Texas won its independence.
Who were the first people to follow Lewis and Clark into the West?
The fur trappers were the first people to follow Lewis and Clark into the West.
Why did Santa Anna attack the Alamo?
Texas rebels had turned it into a for, and Santa Anna was determined to defeat them.
What is a geyser?
Geyser are hot springs that shoot steam and hot water high into the air.
Why was President Jackson against statehood for Texas?
He feared that granting statehood would lead to war with Mexico.
What was the nickname for the fur trappers?
Mountain Men
What did Americans mean when they cried, "Remember the Alamo"?
They were inspired by the heroes of the Alamo and they wanted revenge.
How did the Mountain Men get their nickname?
They crossed the Great Plains to hunt for beaver in the Rocky Mountains.
Why did the Mexican government send troops into Texas?
to stop more Americans from settling there
Where are the Willamette Valley and the Central Valley located?
The Willamette Valleys lies sheltered between the Cascades and the Coast Ranges. The Central Valley is in the surrounded by the Sierra Nevada and Coast Ranges.
Who was elected President of Texas?
Sam Houston
Why did the early trappers consider the Willamette Valley and the Central Valley a desirable area to live?
Both the Willamette and Central valleys have rich soil and a warm climate, well suited for pioneer families.
What contribution did Samuel Siater make?
With the help of Moses Brown, Siater built the first spinning mill in the United States.
For how many years was Texas an independent Republic?
9 years
Why were many early factories located by water falls?
to take advantage of water from rivers to power machines
How did the cotton gin change life in the south and west?
Cotton became a major cash crop inthe south and west causing the demand for slave labor to increase in these regions.
What contribution did Francis Lowell make?
Lowell built a factory that combined spinning cotton thread and weaving it into cloth in one location.
Which mountain ranges did the Mountain Men find west of the Rockies?
the Cascades, the Sierra Neveda, and the Coast Ranges
What landforms are shown on the map on page 362?
plains, mountains, basin
What did the Mountain Men do in the Rockies?
searched for furs

What problems did road travelers face in 1800s?
tree stumps, ruts, getting stuck inthe mud, paying tolls
Why was a steamboat more useful than a flatboat?
A steamboat could travel upstream against the current.
Why did many people prefer to travel by water rather than by road?
It was faster and cheaper.
How many years was Texas part of Mexico?
15 years
How did the use of steam engines change travel in America?
Steam engines were used in steamboats and in railroads
How did the train help development in the 1800s?
The development of the railroads allowed Americans to travel by rail between most large cities as far west as the Mississippi.
What was Texas fever?
the flood of Americans going to settle in Texas
How did the Erie Canal help development in the 1800s?
With the canal, the cost of shipping goods from Lake Erie to New York City dropped significanly, making it more profitable for western farmers to ship their crops to eastern cities.
How did steamboats help development in the 1800s?
Steamboats helped development because they were abale to travel upstream. The steamboat aided pioneers in settling new regions and in shipping their crops to market.
Why was the cotton gin important?
It could clean cotton 50 times as fast as by hand.
What two bodies of water did the Erie Canal connect?
the Hudson River and Lake Erie
In the 1820s, what did American settlers have to agree to in order to get land in Texas?
They had to become Mexican citzens and join the Catholic Church.
What were the changes brought about by the cotton gin?
It let people clean more cotton faster, made cotton the most important crop inthe South, and increased the demand for slaves.
What type of region did the Mountain Men leave behind and what types of regions did they encounter?
They came from a region with tall trees. They traveled to areas of wide open spaces (Great Plains), towering mountains (Rocky Mountains) expansive deserts.
Refer to the picture on page 370.
What is the chief source of power in the mill?
water, which drives the water wheel
How did the building of the railroads affect canals?
It took business away from the canals.
What happened to shipping prices after the Erie Canal was built? Why did this happen?
Prices went down because it was cheaper to ship by water than by land.
Why did Baltimore want to build a railroad to the West?
to compete with New York for western products
How did the cotton gin change life in New England?
The increase in cotton production led to the development of factories in New England to turn cotton into cloth.
How were the Great Plains different from the Eastern Woodlands?
The Great Plains were treeless, wide open spaces with thick grasses.
What western states have some desert areas? map on page 362
Oregon, Washington, Neveda, California, Utah, Arizona
Why did the cotton gin increase the demand for slaves?
It made cotton a profitable crop so planters wanted to grow more of it, and they needed slaves to do that.
What was the purpose of the Erie Canal?
The purpose of the Erie Canal was to make it easier to ship goods from the NOrtheast to the West.
What was another name for the Cumberland Road?
National Road