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What event was celebrated in 1881, at Atlanta, Georgia?

Cotton Exposition

Name the March King

John Philip Sousa

The person shot after only four months in office

James A. Garfield

The year gold was discovered in Colorado


The founder of Hull House

Jane Addams

What did the Otis Brothers produce?

Safety elevator

Who worked with Alexander Graham Bell

Thomas Watson

The country that presented the Statue of Liberty as a gift to the American people


The first state to allow women's suffrage


The author of Little Women

Louisa May Alcott

The battle led by Crazy Horse

Battle of Little Bighorn

The inventor of the typewriter

Christopher Sholes

The Hoosier poet

James Whitcomb Riley

Give the abbreviation for the regulating railroads


Who referred to the Age of Industry as the Gilded Age?

Mark Twain

The first Democrat to be elected President after the Civil War

Grover Cleveland

What group of people regarded the Black Hills as sacred?

Souix Indians

Name the place where Mel Trotter was saved

Pacific Garden Mission

Who developed the steel making process?

Sir Henry Bessemer

What was Colorado referred to as

Centennial state

Name the artist that painted cowboys and Indians

Frederic Remington

Name the group of people who laid tracks for the Central Pacific Railroad

Chinese immigrants

Name the precedent for government regulation of American business

Sherman Anti-Trust

Name the place where the workers completed the fist transcontinental railroad

Promontory Point, Utah

Name the two artists who presented a pictorial history of American life in the 19th century

Nathaniel Currier and James Meritt Ives

The year that the United States census says the frontier had been settled


The President who favored the gold standard

William McKinley

The person who drilled the first oil well

Edwin L. Drake

The poet whose work wasn't publishes until after death

Emily Dickinson

The Democratic candidate who adopted the Populist platform for free silver

William Jennings Bryan

The legislation that opened the Great Plains for settlement in 1862

Homestead Act

The President who influenced the admitting if six western states during his term

Benjamin Harrison

The greatest inventor in American history

Thomas Alva Edison

The first modern American skyscraper

Wainwright Building

The person who made his fortune in the oil industry

John D. Rockefeller