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εἰς -Acc
Acc: into, in, toward, tofor, in order to
πρός -Acc
Acc: toward, near, at
ἀπό -Acc
Gen: from, away from
ἐκ -Gen
Gen: from, out of
ἐν -Dat
Dat: in, among
ὀπίσω -Gen
Gen: behind, after (place)
πρό -Gen
Gen: before, in front of
μετά -Gen, -Acc
Gen: with, among

Acc: behind, after

περί -Gen, -Acc
Gen: about, concerning

Acc: around, about, near

ὑπό -Gen, -Acc
Gen: by

Acc: under

ἐπί -Gen, -Dat, -Acc
Gen: on, upon, near

Dat: on, in above

Acc: on, over

παρά -Gen, -Dat, -Acc
Gen: from beside, beside

Dat: by, beside, near

Acc: by, at edge of, near

διἀ, -Gen, -Acc
Gen: through, via

Acc: because of

ὑπέρ, -Gen, -Acc
Gen: for, on behalf of

Acc: above, beyond

κατά, -Gen, -Acc
Gen: Against, toward

Acc: According to, along

ἔμπροσθεν, -Gen
Gen: In front of, before
ἐνώπιον, -Gen
Gen: before, in presence of
ἔξω, -Gen
Gen: outside, out of
ἕως, -Gen
Gen: until, as far as
χωρίς, -Gen
Gen: apart from, without
σύν, -Dat
Dat: with