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Which of these artists had a national top 40 hit in the 1950's, 1960's, 1970's, and 1980's?
Ray Charles
In what year did man first walk on the moon?
Who played the role of James West on the original TV series, "The Wild Wild West"?
Robert Conrad
The 1996 book "Under the Tuscan Sun" recounts the author's experience doing what?
Renovating a villa
Which of the following defines the plot of a Horatio Alger story?
Rags to Riches
What type of natural phenomenon is a chinook?
Dry, warm wind
Which of the following TV talk show hosts was a VH1 vee-jay?
Rosie O’Donnell
Which US President is known as "The Great Communicator"?
Ronald Reagan
For which of the following occasions is the US flag customarily flown at half-staff?
Memorial Day
In the 1978 film "National Lampoon's Animal House" to which fraternity house did Bluto belong?
Which of the following actors has never portrayed the character of Zorro in a film?
Ricardo Montalban
LeAnn Rimes hit song "Blue" was originally written for what country music legend?
Patsy Cline
What resort town is the setting for the 1960 film "Where the Boys Are"?
Fort Lauderdale
What state's motto is "If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you"?
The Mount St. Helens volcano is part of what US mountain range?
What attorney is known for nationally publicized defenses of Claus von Bulow, Leona Helmsley, and O.J. Simpson?
Alan Dershowitz
The 1995 movie "Clueless" is loosely based on what classic novel?
Which of the following actresses never appears in the "Scream" movie series?
Jennifer Love Hewitt
In ancient times, which of the following was called Hibernia?
In the famous TV commercials for Memorex audiotape, what performer's voice shattered a glass?
Ella Fitzgerald
According to its ad campaign, what state "is for lovers"?
What John Travolta film was adapted from a published novel by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard?
Battlefield Earth.
Which TV character is NOT a single father?
Ray Barone
What action movie series follows the adventures of New York detective John McClane?
Die Hard
What band's debut album featured an illustration of a banana created by Andy Warhol?
Velvet Underground
On the TV series "Dharma & Greg", how long were the main characters together when they got married?
One date
What Broadway musical features the song, "There's No Business Like Show Business"?
Annie Get Your Gun
Which of these characters from "The Simpsons" is not named for a member of creator Matt Groening's family?
Writer Henry David Thoreau's beloved Walden Pond is located in what US state?
The annual Pulitzer Prize awards are bestowed by what university?
In the 1844 novel by Dumas, which of the following is not one of "The Three Musketeers"?
Albion is an ancient name for what country?
What is the southernmost state capital in the contiguous United States?
In the 1993 film "Rudy", the title character played for which college football team?
Notre Dame
How many times daily are Islamic faithful required to pray?
Who is the only US President born in Illinois?
Ronald Reagan
Franklin W. Dixon is the pseudonym for the writer of what popular children's book series?
The Hardy Boys
In 1962, the Crayola crayon company changed the name of which crayon to "peach"?
The discovery of oil in Prudhoe Bay directly resulted in which of the following:
Trans Alaska pipeline
At age 15, future Mexican revolutionary Doreteo Arango became a fugitive and changed his name to what?
Pancho Villa
"The Plant", a serial novel available on the Internet, was written by what author?
Stephen King
The official song of what US state is "On the Banks of the Wabash, Far Away"?
Frank Borman, R. Walter Cunningham, Harrison Schmitt have all held what job?
In June 2000, Eric Clapton released an album with what other guitar legend?
B.B. King
What inventor is credited with saying "Genius is one percent inspiration, and 99 percent perspiration"?
Thomas Edison
Which of these countries has two queens, one of whom was born in the United States?
A luthier is a craftsman who makes which of the following:
What rapper founded the hip-hop group Public Enemy?
Chuck D
Which of the following US mountain ranges is located in Alaska?
Brooks Range
Which of the following 1977 movies beat "Star Wars" for the Best Picture Academy Award?
Annie Hall
What game show host played a science teacher in the television series "The Wonder Years"?
Ben Stein
In February 2000, President Clinton barred federal agencies from discriminating against workers with regard to what issue?
Genetic test results
Which of the following major cities is located less than 10 miles from an active volcano?
Naples, Italy
Which of these movies was the first feature film directed by Jodie Foster?
Little Man Tate
In the 1992 book "Earth in the Balance", what politician proposes eliminating the internal combustion engine?
Al Gore
Which of these officials is responsible for assigning names to new US Navy ships?
Secretary of the Navy
Which of the following names did best-selling author Mick Foley use as a WWF professional wrestler?
What world leader popularized the term "Iron Curtain"?
Winston Churchill
In what US state would you find the original site of Boys' Town?
The song, "When Johnny Comes Marching Home" was made popular during which war?
American Civil War
In the early 1960's what musical duo recorded under the name Caesar & Cleo?
Ashford & Simpson
An object with spikes or holes placed in the bottom of a vase to support a floral arrangement is called what?
The infamous Chernobyl power plant is located in what former Soviet Union republic?
What is the name of the DJ in the hip-hop act Salt-n-Pepa?
What is the shape of the Milky Way galaxy?
Where does Lanolin come from?
In June 2000, President Clinton recognized what comic strip artist with a Congressional Gold Medal?
Charles Schultz
Simon Le Bon is the lead singer of what pop music group?
Duran Duran
Which of these countries has all the same colors as the US on its current national flag?
Singer Perry Farrell, formerly of the band Jane's Addiction, founded what music festival in 1991?
Which of the following awards is officially known as the Antoinette Perry award?
Which of the current Presidential candidates has a law degree?
Ralph Nader
Who was the only woman to be both wife and mother of a US President?
Abigail Adams
What is a cotton gin designed to do?
Clean raw cotton
What musical artist appeared as Denzel Washington's nurse in the 1999 film "The Bone Collector"?
Queen Latifah
The Taj Mahal is located in what Indian city?
What 1980's movie introduced the hit song "The Power of Love" by Huey Lewis and the News?
Back To The Future
In yoga philosophy, the energy centers of the body are called what?
In Stephen Crane's 1895 book "The Red Badge of Courage", what is the red badge of courage?
Battle wound
In July 2000, which of the following announced that its male members are now allowed to wear earrings when out of uniform?
US Army
In a 1999 episode of "The X-Files", which character claims to be Fox Mulder's biological father?
Cigarette-Smoking Man
In the 1992 Quentin Tarantino film "Reservoir Dogs", the main characters have code names that are what?
What is the largest Hawaiian island by area?
What movie director has a production company called "40 Acres and a Mule"?
Spike Lee
Pieces of what US space station crashed to Earth in 1979?
A league is a unit of distance that is approximately how long?
3 miles
In the 1973 documentary "An American Family", what is the last name of the central family?
In the 50 State Quarters Program, which state features Washington crossing the Delaware?
New Jersey
Actor Billy Bob Thornton was a regular cast member in which of the following sitcoms?
Hearts Afire
Which US President first spoke of democracy as "government of the people, by the people, for the people" in an address?
Abraham Lincoln
In the 1991 movie "The Commitments" what type of music does the band play?
Since 1954, Armistice Day has been called what?
Veterans Day
The English Channel connects the Atlantic Ocean with what body of water?
North Sea
In what movie does the pool-playing character Fast Eddie Felson first appear?
The Hustler
"Saving the world before bedtime" is the slogan for which of these TV cartoon series?
The Powerpuff Girls
Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme attempted to assassinate what US President?
Gerald Ford
What dancer and actor stars as a minstrel show performer in Spike Lee's 2000 film "Bamboozled"?
Savion Glover
During the American Civil War, the town of Andersonville, GA was best known for its what?
In which of these movies do Robert De Niro and Al Pacino appear in scenes together?
In geometry, the Pythagorean theorem applies to what kind of triangle?
In October 2000, what US space shuttle was launched marking the program's 100th mission?
What character on the television series "M*A*S*H" was from Ottumwa, IA?
Radar O’Reilly
What country's leader was awarded the 2000 Nobel Peace Prize?
South Korea
What comic was arrested for performing his piece "The Seven Words You Can't Say on Television"?
George Carlin
What television chef was once known as "The Galloping Gourmet"?
Graham Kerr
What is the only US state where coffee is grown commercially?
The Bessemer process was used in the production of what substance?
Which of the following Wild West women was nicknamed "Little Sure Shot"?
Annie Oakley
In the TV sitcom "The Hughleys", D.L. Hughley's character owns a company that leases what?
Vending machines
Who did Mexican artist Frida Kahlo marry in 1929 and then again in 1940?
Diego Rivera
Where do the members of the electoral college usually go to cast their votes?
Their state capitol
In 1957, the "Little Rock Nine" were at the center of what controversy?
School desegregation
The 1981 Broadway musical "Dreamgirls" is most often compared to the story of what real-life singing group?
The land that currently makes up the District of Columbia was donated by what US state?
In 2000, Sandra Baldwin became the first female president of what organization?
US Olympic Committee
Which of these movie stars is old enough to serve as President of the United States?
Keanu Reeves
In 1962, Jamaica gained its independence from what European country?
In the 1999 bestseller "Timeline", the time-travelling heroes are sent on a rescue mission to where?
Feudal France
The 2000 book "Udder Insanity" is a biography of what TV personality?
Tom Green
Which of these world capitals is also its country's most populous city?
In the 1966 Frank Sinatra song "That's Life", which of these has he not been?
The 1986 charity event "Hands Across America" reised money for which of the following causes:
Which of these instruments is traditionally played while performing the Spanish flamenco?
The organization known as "CREEP" was associated with what US political scandal?
What US city was founded in 1841 on the banks of the Trinity River?
What #1 hit was the theme song for the 1980's TV series "The Greatest American Hero"?
Believe It or Not
In the 1981 movie "Raiders of the Lost Ark", Indiana Jones is afraid of what kind of animal?
What "brat pack" actress played a character in the first season of the TV series "The Facts of Life"?
Molly Ringwald
In Truman Capote's book "In Cold Blood", where do the murders take place?
Kansas farmhouse
The exotic dancer Mata Hari was a spy in what war?
World War I
EMILY's List is an organization whose aim is to help women do what?
Get elected to office
Which of the following US states does not meet at Four Corners?
What popular figure was nicknamed "Dr. Hug"?
Dr. Leo Buscaglia
Which of the following countries borders Mexico to the south?
What South American country has the longest coastline?
A Vandyke is a type of which of the following?
What is the name for the light, crescent-shpaed mark at the base of the fingernail?
What is for "sale or rent" in Roger Miller's 1964 hit song, "King of the Road"?
Irving Stone's 1961 novel "The Agony and the Ecstasy" is about the life of what artist?
In the 1997 movie "G.I. Jane," Demi Moore's character becomes the first female what?
In the 1957 movie "Twelve Angry Men," who are the twelve angry men?
In 1817 Thomas Gallaudet founded the first public school in the U.S. for what group?
Deaf children
Which of the following native American Chiefs was a leader in the 1876 defeat of General Custer at Little Big Horn?
Crazy Horse
What country's New Year's festival is commonly known as "Tet"?
After the 1976 death of Mao Tse-tung, what group tried to seize power in China?
Gang of Four
Who composed the theme song for the TV show "Jeopardy"?
Merv Griffin
David Kelley's production company credit at the end of his TV shows features an old woman exclaiming what?
You stinker
Which of the following Gibb brothers was not a member of the band The Bee Gees?
On a musical score, the direction "pizzicato" means that the musicians should do what?
Pluck the strings
Which of these former governors was nicknamed "Governor Moonbeam"?
Jerry Brown
In what field did entertainer Bill Cosby earn his doctorate from the University of Massachusetts?
What children's book follows the journeys of Mole, Rat, and Mr. Toad of Toad Hall?
The Wind in the Willows
What member of the Kennedy family founded the Special Olympics?
Eunice Shriver
A dark natural glass formed by quickly cooling volcanic lava is called what?
In the 1996 bestseller "Runaway Jury", the jury delivers a verdict against what kind of company?
In the 1997 movie, "Wag the Dog", a Hollywood producer is hired by White House aides to stage which of the following?
A war
Victor Borge was a comedic performer best known for playing what musical instrument?
In July 2001, The Atlantic Monthly plans to publish a recently discovered short story by what famous writer?
Mark Twain
What saint is known as "The Maid of Orleans"?
Joan of Arc
From 1979 to 1985, who was the host of the TV show "Dance Fever"?
Deney Terrio
The 2000 book "Chasing Down the Dawn:Life Stories" is a memoir of what performer?
The AmeriCorps national service program was started by what U.S. president?
Bill Clinton
A nematode is what type of animal?
In a famous novel, which of these characters attends his own funeral while still living?
Tom Sawyer
The autobiography of "Saturday Night Live" star Gilda Radner is titled "It's Always" what?
The city of Gary, IN was named after the chairman of what company?
U.S. Steel
What is a tie game of tic-tac-toe called?
Cat’s game
In the 1985 bestseller "Lonesome Dove", Lonesome Dove is the name of a what?
Small town
In the 1975 movie "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", Rocky Horror is the name of what?
Man-made creature
In 1979, what country adopted a policy whereby a couple was allowed to have one child?
South Africa
If a jeweler describes a gemstone as being "paste", he is saying that it is what?
Vellum would most likely be used for which of the following?
Binding a book
What state borders both Wyoming and Missouri?
Which of these US Presidents signed a Civil Rights Act which banned segregation in public places?
Lyndon Johnson
What is the only US state that touches two oceans?
In World War II, what was the equivalent of the WACs, or Women's Army Corps, in the US Navy?
What controversial subject was John T. Scopes charged with teaching in his classroom?
Theory of evolution
Started in 2000, Amtrak's Acela Express high-speed train travels between Boston and which of these cities?
Washington, DC
In a honeybee colony, which of the following is true of worker bees?
They are female
In December 2000, there was a major eruption from the Popocatepetl Volcano, which is located in what country?
Whenever the Dr. Seuss character Bartholomew Cubbins removes his hat, what happens?
A new hat appears
On a box of Cap'n Crunch cereal, which of these is a characteristic of the Cap'n's eyebrows?
On his hat
Cerumen is the medical term for what bodily secretion?
Pablo Casals was best known for playing what instrument?
Ambergris, a waxy substance that was once used in making perfume, comes from what animal?
Sperm whale
In the 1994 bestseller "The Alienist", what is the title character's occupation?
In 2000, 15-year-old Jonathan Lebed was charges with using his computer to commit what?
Securities fraud
What President declared the US boycott of the Moscow Olympics?
Jimmy Carter
Which of these flowers is a type of narcissus?
In the human body, what do the lacrimal glands produce?
In a classic Monty Python sketch, John Cleese plays a customer trying to return what?
Dead parrot
"Lady Godiva was a freedom rider" is the first line of what TV show's theme song?
In 1922, Howard Carter discovered and opened the tomb of what historical figure?
King Tutankhamen
What design normally appears between the words "Paper" and "Mate" on Paper Mate pens?
Two hearts
In July 1982, who presided over a mass wedding of 2,075 couples at Madison Square Garden?
Rev. Sun Myung Moon
On the TV show "The Dukes of Hazzard", what kind of car is "The General Lee"?
Dodge Charger
On what TV sitcom does the main character often say "I'm coming, Elizabeth. This is the big one"?
Sanford and Son
Who played the title character in the 1970's TV series "The Man From Atlantis"?
Patrick Duffy
Who designed the first pair of bifocal lenses in the late 1700's?
Benjamin Franklin
President George W. Bush's salary is how much greater than Bill Clinton's presidential salary?
The Rock of Gibralter is located at the southern tip of what country?
Which of these TV shows is based on a character from the Archie comic book series?
Sabrina the Teenage Witch
John Mc Adam is the inventor and namesake of a type of what?
Which of the following is not a sibling of John F. Kennedy?
Ethel Kennedy
The TV series "The Dick Van Dyke Show" is based on the experiences of what TV writer?
Carl Reiner
Tenzing Norgay is most famous for exploring what?
Mount Everest
Which of the following US states was not admitted to the union during the 20th century?
In the Revolutionary War, the decisive siege of Yorktown took place in what colony?
Who did William Rehnquist succeed as Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court in 1986?
Warren Berger
The Marshall Space Flight Center is located in what US city?
Huntsville, AL
Who wrote the epic poem "Paradise Lost"?
John Milton
John Steinbeck's 1939 novel "The Grapes of Wrath" tells the story of what family?
Where is the famous Prado museum?
In Dickens' 1838 novel "Oliver Twist", what old man and gang leader teaches boys how to pickpocket?
Who served as both US Vice President and President without being elected to either position?
Gerald Ford
What comic strip character has the same first name as its creator?
The capital of which of these US states is named for a mythological animal?
What is depicted on the logo for the TV series "America's Most Wanted"?
What common excuse is also the title of a 2000 #1 Billboard single by Shaggy?
It Wasn’t Me
After more than 40 years of ad-free publishing, what magazine started featuring advertisements in 2001?
On March 4, 2001, what type of ship was christened the "USS Ronald Reagan"?
Aircraft carrier
Cioppino is what kind of stew?
On the TV series "That 70's Show", what is the name of the foreign exchange student?
The Italian pasta name "orecchiette" means what in English?
Little ears
The Pecos River is a major tributary of what US river?
Rio Grande
"Bracken" is the common term for a genus of what type of plant?
What do you call a solution made of medicine dissolved in alcohol?
In the US, there is a popular but unproven belief that cartilage from what animal can help cure cancer?
In the 1984 movie "Romancing the Stone," what is the profession of Kathleen Turner's character?
On "Saturday Night Live", Cheri Oteri and Will Ferrell regularly played high school students who pretended to be what?
What is the name of the Russian mystic who acted as an advisor to Czar Nicholas and his wife Alexandria?
Grigori Rasputin
What is the background setting for the 1960 novel "A Separate Peace"?
New England prep school
Which of these astronauts was not on Apollo 11, the United States first manned moon landing mission?
James Lovell
Amino acids are the building blocks of which of these organic substances?
What Jewish system of theology is a mystical method of interpreting the Scriptures?
What is the only film released with an X rating to win the Academy Award for Best Picture?
Midnight Cowboy
During the US Civil War, what was the westernmost state in the Confederacy?
Which of these classic books tells the story of a society of wild rabbits?
Watership Down
The port city of Inch'on is located in what country?
South Korea
In the children's novel "A Wrinkle in Time", the young heroine embarks on a quest to do what?
Rescue her father
Which of these words means "to remove the parts of a book that are considered vulgar or objectionable"?
Who wrote the 2001 novel about Chinese mothers and American-born daughters titled "The Bonesetter's Daughter"?
Amy Tan
What "Rebel Without a Cause" actor appears in the painting "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"?
James Dean
A person who makes barrels is called what?
The Civil War battles of Bull Run are also known by what other name?
What movie features a teacher whose favorite piece of advice is "Carpe diem"?
Dead Poets Society
Who was the most famous student of the philosopher Plato?
What is the study of plant and animal tissues called?
By definition, if a book has a soporific effect on a person, what does it do?
Makes him sleepy
Which of the following countries never claimed part of Texas before it was annexed by the U.S.?
In March 2001, the ruling militia of what country set out to destroy all Buddhist statues?
What US president nominated Sandra Day O'Connor to the US Supreme Court?
Ronald Reagan
What film director has a recurring role as a psychiatrist on the TV series "The Sopranos"?
Peter Bogdanovich
In the 1977 film "Annie Hall", who plays Diane Keaton's psychotic brother?
Christopher Walken
The field in the 1989 movie "Field of Dreams" is a tourist attraction in what U.S. state?
Panda, Maple Leaf, and Krugerrand are all types of what?
Gold coins
Victoria Falls is found on what continent?
Which of these singers is a Gulf War veteran?
What author's detective novels follow the adventures of Easy Rawlins?
Walter Mosley
In a famous 1950 photo by Robert Doisneau, what is a Parisian couple doing as they walk near the Hotel de Ville?
On a package of Wonder Bread, the balloons do not come in which of these colors?
The Treaty of Ghent officially ended what war?
War of 1812
In the 11991 film "Cape Fear", Robert De Niro plays an ex-convict seeking revenge against whom?
The 2000 book "Flags of Our Fathers" tells the story of six soldiers who fought at what WWII battle?
Iwo Jima
A museum dedicated to what famous military event opened on June 6, 2000 in New Orleans?
D-Day Invasion
On the long-running BBC TV series "Doctor Who", what does Dr. Who's spaceship look like from the outside?
Phone booth
What news anchor wrote the best-selling 1986 book about the TV industry, "And So It Goes"?
Linda Ellerbee
The Maoist guerrilla group known as Shining Path rebelled against the government of what country?
House Speaker Dennis Hastert is a U.S. representative from what state?
Lipitor is a popular medication prescribed to people with what problem?
High cholesterol
In 2001, a federal judge temporarily suspended the publication of a book that retells what novel from a slave's viewpoint?
Gone with the Wind
Which of the following plants is not considered poisonous to eat?
Pikes Peak is located in what U.S. state?
The main character of the 1995 movie "Clueless" is named after what famous singer?
In 1883, what industry led the movement to divide the U.S. into four time zones?
In the 1995 movie "To Die For", Nicole Kidman's character aspires to be a famous what?
TV personality
The name of what element is derived from the Greek word meaning "hidden"?
The male and female of what animal are called "hob" and "jill"?
A circle with a diameter of one foot will have a circumference of approximately how many feet?
From which of the following U.S. cities can you travel due south to Canada?
Detroit, MI
The Solomon Islands are located off the coast of what continent?
What poet was married to the author of the novel "Frankenstein"?
Percy Bysshe Shelley
What conservative Israeli parliamentary group is named for the Hebrew word for unity?
Which of the following presidential candidates lost two consecutive presidential elections?
Adlai Stevenson
Which of these explorers was employed by the Dutch East India Company?
Henry Hudson
What vegetable is also called a pieplant?
Born in 1766, English economist Robert Malthus is famous for his theories on what subject?
Population growth
In the 1964 children's book "Harriet the Spy", what does Harriet aspire to be?
In his 1971 song "Mercy Mercy Me," Marvin Gaye sings about what issue?
Erected in 1921, the International Peace Arch is located in what U.S. state?
Whose son was appointed Chairman of the FCC by George W. Bush?
Colin Powell
Which of the following spices comes from the small dried flower buds of a tropical tree?
The Italian dessert tartuffo is made of chocolate-covered what?
Ice cream
The famous 1980 box office disaster "Heaven's Gate" belongs to what movie genre?
Susan Faludi's 1991 book "Backlash" examines the media's negative portrayal of what political movement?
Before the 20th Amendment was enacted, U.S. Presidents officially took office in what month?
By definition, an inglenook is a recess beside which of the following:
In the TV series "What About Joan", what is the profession of Joan Cusack's character?
Which of the following Scandinavian countries is not considered a kingdom?
The 1933 novel "Farmer Boy" is what author's account of her husband's childhood?
Laura Ingalls Wilder
In the T.S. Eliot poem "The Waste Land," what is "the cruelest month"?
Which of these museums was formerly a royal residence?
What TV series recently "killed off" the character Dolores Landingham?
The West Wing
The Negev Desert is in what country?
What are the two main ingredients in marzipan?
Almonds and sugar
Which of these substances is used in the batik method of dyeing fabric?
Sunspots, the dark spots on the sun's surface, are caused by what natural phenomena?
Magnetic storms
According to legend, Lady Godiva rode naked through the town of Coventry to protest what?
High taxes
According to current scientific debate, which of the following may not actually be a planet?
What is the scientific name for the atmospheric phenomena known as the "southern lights"?
Aurora australis
Which of the following celebrity chefs has his own frozen food line?
Wolfgang Puck
With over 20 number one hits, what singer is known as "The First Lady of Country Music"?
Tammy Wynette
In the 1968 movie "The Producers," what actor played accountant Leo Bloom?
Gene Wilder
Which of these Texas towns is not on the United States-Mexico border?
San Antonio
On the TV series "The Jeffersons," who played the eccentric neighbor Harry Bentley?
Paul Benedict
Papua New Guinea and what other country comprise the island of New Guinea?
What fruit contains an enzyme that is used as a meat tenderizer?
Joshua Bell is known as a virtuoso of what musical instrument?
In the 1998 film "The Truman Show," what is the title character's greatest fear?
In 1938, what world leader erroneously claimed to have achieved "peace for our time"?
Neville Chamberlain
What was the real name of American Folk hero Johnny Appleseed?
John Chapman
What actor played Cowboy Curtis in the TV series "Pee-wee's Playhouse"?
Laurence Fishburne
What year is the title of a 1995 song by the music group the Smashing Pumpkins?
In 1901, what signal did Guglielmo Marconi receive in Morse code in the first transatlantic radio message?
Letter “S”
What metal has the highest melting point?
Mary, Queen of Scots, was queen of Scotland and what other country?
Which of the following Central American countries does not have a coast on the Pacific Ocean?
The title of restaurant critic Ruth Reichl's 2001 book is "Comfort Me With" what?
The World War I invasion of Gallipoli took place in what country?
Historic activist Carrie Nation is famous for using a hatchet to attack what places?
In Tom Clancy's 1998 book "Rainbow Six," the title is the code name for what?
Secret Agent
What people conquered Russia in the 13th century and established an empire known as "the Golden Horde"?
In the 1998 film "Stepmom," what is the profession of Julia Roberts' character?
Fashion photographer
The Punic Wars were fought between what two ancient cities?
Rome and Carthage
In what part of the human body are nephrons located?
What is the name of the standard calendar currently used in the U.S.?
An apse and a transept are architectural features most commonly found where?
In the 2000 movie "What Women Want", Nich Marshall's Therapist is played by what music diva?
Bette Midler
The Chemical Brothers are recording artists best known for what style of music?
The Mason-Dixon line got its name from what?
Surveying team
A ziggurat is a structure that most resembles which of these shapes?
In the 1983 movie "Vacation," Chevy Chase's character skinny-dips with what supermodel?
Christie Brinkley
The 1995 documentary "Unzipped" chronicles what designer's preparations for a show?
Isaac Mizrahi
In the 2001 movie "Zoolander", "Blue Steel" is the name Derek Zoolander gives to one of his what?
Facial expressions
Fort Worth, TX lies about 30 miles west of what major U.S. city?
What fashion photographer is known for his racy pictures in Abercrombie and Fitch catalogs?
Bruce Weber
The lowest two pairs of ribs in the human body are commonly known as what?
Floating ribs
In the 1967 movie "Cool Hand Luke," Paul Newman's character bets that he can eat 50 what in an hour?
Hard-boiled eggs
What is the main setting of the classic 1903 novel "The Call of the Wild"?
Yukon territory
The stem of a tree leaf is known as what?
What do scientists believe is at the center of the Milky Way galaxy?
Black hole
"Brimstone" is an old-fashioned word for what substance?
What inventor was nicknamed the "Wizard of Menlo Park"?
Thomas Edison
Released in 2001, what actor's debut album is a mix of country, rock and R&B titled "Private Radio"?
Billy Bob Thornton
Before retiring in 2001, businessman Jack Welch served as the CEO of what company?
General Electric
Where would you most likely find a neon tetra?
During LASIK corrective eye surgery, what part of the eye is operated upon?
La Niña weather patterns are brought about by what occurrence in the eastern Pacific Ocean?
Cold water
What is the architectural term for the horizontal molding that projects from the top of a building?
The joule is a unit of measurement used to determine what?
What author writes a column in the New York Times Magazine called "On Language"?
William Safire
What is the easternmost U.S. state capital?
What kitchen appliance was originally marketed in the 1940's under the name Radarrange?
Microwave oven
In what sport does competition take place on a surface nicknamed "the squared circle"?
How many U.S. states have coastline on the Pacific Ocean?
In the 1994 movie "Forrest Gump," Forrest earns a football scholarship to what college?
University of Alabama
What element is also known by its Latin name, "Kalium"?
Jane Smiley's 1991 bestseller "A Thousand Acres" takes place in what setting?
Iowa farm
Before forming the Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl was the drummer for what rock band?
In the 2001 movie "Shallow Hal," what real-life self-help guru hypnotizes Hal?
Tony Robbins
In a classic TV ad, businessman Victor Kiam claims he liked what "so much," he "bought the company"?
Remington shaver
From what university did the characters in the 1985 movie "St. Elmo's Fire" graduate?
Which of these foods would a vegan refuse to eat?
The 1984 Dr. Seuss bestseller "The Butter Battle Book" spoofs what topic?
Nuclear arms race
A balaclava is typically worn to keep what part of the body warm?
In October 2001, what performer became the first chairman of the USO Celebrity Circle?
Wayne Newton
What is the subject of the 1999 best-selling novel "The Testament"?
Billionaire’ will
In the TV series "Gilmore Girls," what is the first name of both title characters?
The 2001 Stephen King and Peter Straub novel "Black House" is a sequel to what bestseller?
The Talisman
In the 1954 movie "Rear Window," Jimmy Stewart's character suspects a murder has occurred where?
Neighbor’s apartment
Famous for his "happy little trees", who was the longtime host of the TV series "The Joy of Painting"?
Bob Ross
The Basque people live in a region that lies in what two countries?
France and Spain
In the 1986 movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," Ferris sings which of the following in the parade scene?
Twist and Shout
The 1980s TV series "The Colbys" was a spin-off of what prime-time soap opera?
In the 2000 movie "Meet the Parents", Robert De Niro's character claims to be a retired what?