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H2, lindlars (Pd/BaSO4)
cis alkene from alkyne
xs NaNH2
substitution of H w/ Na on an alkyne
(triple bond remains)
or triple bond with Na on less substituted C from dicloro
Li, liq NH3
trans 3-hexene from 3-hexyne;(E) anti;disolving metal reduction
2)H20, NaOH
carbonyl from triple bond;contra Markov;Hydroboro/Oxid
1)B2H6 or 9-BBN
2)H2O2, NaOH
aldehyde from primary butyne; or alcohol from alkene;contra Markov;no rearrangment;syn addition;Hydroboration/Oxidation
Na, liq NH3
trans (anti)alkene from alkyne(adds H's);(E) anti;disolving metal reduction
xs NaNH2, liq NH3
butyne anion from dicloro, terminal
xs Cl2, CCl4
Cl would saturate triple bond;Halogenation;Markov;(trans with 1 equiv)
H2O, H2SO4, HgSO4
carbonyl (from tautomerized enol)from triple (O on more substituted carbon);acid catalyzed Hydration;equilibrium favors stronger acid
2)H2O2, NaOH
carbonyl w O on less substituted C from triple bond;contra Markov;no rearrangment;syn addition;Hydroboration/Oxidation
xs HI
add evenly to triple bond (two H and two I)
Na,liq NH3
double bond from triple(adds H's)
xs H2,Ni
H's would saturate triple (pie bonds)
2)H2O, Zn
carboxylic acid (CH3CH2CO2H) + CO2 from alkyne
Na replaces H on alkyne (triple remains)