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Assosciative Property of Addition
(a+b)+c= a+(b+c)
Addition Property of Equality
if a=b and c=d, then a+c=b+d
Zero Product Property
If ab=0 then a=0 or b=0
Quotient Property
Associative Property of Multiplication
Communitative Property of Multiplication
Additive Indentity Property
Distributive Property of Multiplication over addiction
Division Property of Equality
If a=b and c=d then a/c=b/d and a/b=c/d
Multiplication Property of Equality
If a=b and c=d then ac=bd
Multiplication Property of Zero
Reflexive Property of Equality
Communitive Property of Addition
Transitive Property of Equality
If a=b and b=c, then a=c
Rise over run.
Multiplicative Inverse Property
For ever a, there exists a number 1/a
Subtraction Property of Equality
If a=b and c=d then a-c=b-d
Substitution Property
if a=b, then neither can be substituted for the other
Symmetric Prperty of Equality
if a=b then b=a
To solve solutions by Substitution
isolate x or y
into the other equation, substitute the result of step 1. Solve for one coordinate of teh solution. Into the orginal equation, replace the appropriert letter by the coordinate in step 2 and solve for the second coordinate.
Multiplicative Identity Property
Solving Systems by Graphing
The solutions to a system of equations can be found by graphing each equation on the same x, y axes. Any point which is common to both lines is a solution to the system.