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Saluting distance
That distance at which a candidate recognizes an officer
True or False.
When addressing an officer or NCO you will look directly into their eyes
How are greetings performed in groups of two or more officer candidates?
The OC in charge will call the group to attention and render the salute and proper greeting
T or F
Greetings will be extended at the double time
When addressing a group of officers who is addressed?
The senior member
When addressing a a group of senior members of equal grade how are they addressed?
"Gentlemen, Ladies, Ma'am/Sir as appropriate"
How do you inititate conversation with Cadre?
"Request permission to speak"
What command is given when an NCO enters the platoon area?
"At, ease"
When entering a room, how many times does the OC knock.
What does an officer candidate say before entering a room?
"Sir, Ma'am (as appropriate), Officer Candidate ______ requests permission to enter"
When entering a room, how far from the officer or officers desk will the OC be when reporting?
Two steps in front of and centered
When entering a room, what is said to the officer you are reporting to?
While saluting say "Sir/Ma'am OC _____ reports as ordered/ with a question/ with a statement.
What are the procedures for being dismissed?
From the position of attention the OC will take one step to the rear with the left foot, render the salute, extend the greeting of the day, after the salute has been returned the OC will execute an about face and exit.
When cadre enter a hallway or stairwell and are 6 steps away what procedures are performed?
OC will assume the position of attention with the shoulders,buttocks and heels touching the wall and command "make way"
When "making way" for cadre, if the command "carry on" is not given, what do you do?
One of the candidates will give the command after the cadre has passed beyond six steps
What is said when an OC needs to pass an officer or NCO?
From the position of attention "sir/maam, OC ___ requests permission to pass"
How many OC's constitute a formation?
3 or more
What formation will OC's march in with 6 or fewer OC's?
OC will march 2 abreast when the formation contains _____
7 to 11 candidates
When will a formation march 3 abreast?
With 12 or more OC's
When will accountability procedures be performed?
Before departing a training location.
When shall the class guidon and "key" be surrendered to someone?
Only when directed by the Senior TAC, TAC company commander, or TAC 1SG
T or F
Candidates in groups of 3 or more will move in formation with a member in charge?
When are roadguards required?
During all company formation movements
When is the flashlight required for a road guard and where is it carried?
During hours of twilight or darkness road guards will carry an operational flashlight in the hand closest to the outside of the formation
External formation road guard responsibilities:
Lead or trail the element by 30 feet (50 feet with limited visibility) and warn traffic of the formation
Internal road guard responsibilities:
Post at intersections until relieved or the element has passed.
What position does the road guard post at?
Modified parade rest with right hand extended in front of the body.
When do road guards salute?
Road guards salute blue sticker vehicles and general officer or VIP plated vehicles
Before entering the DFAC the CO will call the XO to the front of the company with what command?
"XO, front and center"
DFAC: The CO will instruct the XO to do what before entering the DFAC?
"Read the menu"
DFAC: XO gives what commands before reading the menu?
"Stand at ease"
DFAC: The XO will accentuate what words in the menu?
DFAC: When the XO says "and butter" what does the company do?
The company will come to the position of attention and say "yum,yum" and then immediately return to the position of stand at ease
DFAC: When the XO is finished reading the menu what commands are issued to the company?
"Attention" the XO will then do an about face to face the CO
DFAC: After the menu has been read, what is the next requirement before entering the DFAC?
The chaplain must bless the meal
DFAC: What commands are given to the chaplain by the CO to bless the meal?
"Chaplain, front and center" and "Bless the meal"
DFAC: What command is given by the chaplain before blessing the meal?
"Remove headgear"
DFAC: What action is performed by the company when the chaplains says AMEN?
The company will automatically replace their headgear with the chinstrap on the back of the neck
DFAC: What commands are given by the CO after the chaplain has returned to his position in the formation?
"Ground headgear" and "ground equipment"
DFAC: Upon the command "Ground headgear" what actions are taken?
Upon the command "ground" the OC's will place both hands on their kevlar. "headgear" the OC's will place their kevlar centered on the ground in front of them
DFAC: Once OC gear has been grounded what must the CO do?
Ask the TAC :Sir/Maam, OC___, What are the numbers?"
DFAC: What do the numbers represent?
The number of sit-ups, pull-ups and pushups to be performed in the circuit exercises
DFAC: After the CO recieves the numbers for exercise what actions must he take?
The CO will instruct the PL's by giving the command "Platoon Leaders take charge of your platoon and move them into the dining facility"
DFAC: What must be done to the company gear that has been grounded?
A guard must be posted
DFAC: How will OC's stand in line when entering the DFAC?
Parade rest at all times, coming to the position of attention only to move fwd in line
DFAC: The DFAC door guard will command what to the OC's after direction from the DFAC personnel?
"Next *number* candidates into the dining facility" will be used
DFAC: How many guards must be posted in total at the DFAC?
4 Total
Gear Guard
Door Guard
VIP Guard
Seating Guard
DFAC: The VIP guard responsibilities and commands are what?
To monitor the arrival and departure of VIP's senior in rank to all in the DFAC and give the command "at ease"
DFAC: What are the seating guards responsibilities?
When an OC leaves the serving line the seating guard will direct him to the next available seat from the furthermost seat first. The seating guard shall know which seats are reserved for VIP's
DFAC: How will OC's move when inside the DFAC?
OC's will move at a modified position of attention, consume their meals expeditiously and limit their vision to their tray without speaking unless addressed by cadre
Sick Call: What must be performed in order to report to sick call?
The OC must inform their chain of command and report to sick call at 0500. OC's will report with their ID card.
Class: How do OC's enter the classroom?
single file line, fill the seats from front to rear, and remain standing at the position of attention.
Class: The OC in charge of the class gives what command before reporting the class ready for instruction?
Class:How does the class leader report to the instructor?
The class leader will approach the instructor, render a hand salute and report, “Sir/Ma’am, Officer Candidate *name*, Company *A*B...*, *First or Second...* Platoon, # assigned, # present, Prepared for instruction!”
Class: After the class leader reports to the instructor what action is taken?
directive “Ground Your Equipment”. After the LBE has been hung on the backs of the chairs, the class leader will issue the command, “Take Seats!” At which point the class will exclaim, “It Shall Be Done!”, remove their remaining equipment and be seated
Class: When asking a question..
The Officer Candidate will raise his hand. When recognized by the instructor the OC will rise to the position of attention, state “Sir/Ma’am/Sergeant/Sergeant Major, Officer Candidate *name*”, come to the position of parade rest and ask his question.
Class: When a period of instruction is over and the instructor commands "Class leader" what actions are taken?
The class leader will rise and command the class to “Class, Attention!” prior to reporting to the instructor at the front of the classroom. The class leader will proceed to the front of the classroom, halt two steps from the instructor, salute and state “Sir/Ma’am/Sergeant/Sergeant Major, Officer Candidate *name*, Reports as ordered!
Class: After the class leader is addressed by the instructor at the end of a class, what actions are taken?
The class leader will take one step to the rear and again salute the instructor. When the salute has been returned, the class leader will face about and command, “Secure your gear!” “Face the aisle!” “From front to rear, left to right, March out!”
Formations: When is a candidate considered late to formation?
Candidates are considered late to formation if they are not standing in their platoon when the command “Fall-in” is given
MISC: Is profanity or abusive language allowed?
Misc: OC's will double-time unless?
Otherwise directed
immediately after meals
Carrying large or unwieldly objects
On profile
Senior Status
Misc: What must be done to an OC watch prior to the start of the days activities?
All alarms and chimes must be off
Mail: What must be done if an OC is expecting a package?
Inform their TAC